The last few years have seen a huge jump in the number of foreigners moving to Belgrade. As the city’s leading tech, engineering, and infrastructure companies go global, more and more exciting job opportunities are opening up to the international community, making Belgrade a popular digital nomad destination. At the same time, Belgrade’s cultural and creative renaissance is attracting people from all walks of life to our buzzing capital city – and there are lots of ways to connect with your fellow expats. Aside from those who moved to Belgrade to pursue their careers, the city also welcomes a growing number of international students each year. Finally, there are those who have relocated to Belgrade after simply falling in love with the city or with a certain Belgrader.

Societies, online groups and weekly reunions are a great way to meet new people, socialize, share tips and tricks about exploring the city and also to develop a professional network. Here are the most popular expat groups in Belgrade, all with active contributors and an engaged community.

  • are there any digital nomad communities?
    • Belgradegets.digital meetups: A physical meeting point for a community of international professionals and digital nomads living and working in and from Belgrade. It is a perfect place to meet new people, get actively involved in the local ecosystem and create stronger connections with the community of innovators, entrepreneurs and digital workers from Serbia and from around the world. Meetups are organised at Nova Iskra Dorćol.
    • Internations Belgrade: Part of the Internations worldwide network, the Belgrade community offers a wide range of activities to help you meet other foreigners living in the city. Basic membership is free, or you can upgrade to a paid membership for access to certain events or pay directly at each event. Every month, there’s an official gathering organized for all members in different fun locations around Belgrade. Some members also organize informal activities for smaller groups such as weekly dinners, outdoor sports days or coffee mornings.
    • Couchsurfing: The crew at Couchsurfing compiles a monthly calendar of different events to attend, including popular hosts in Belgrade and other travelers visiting the city. This is another excellent starting point to meet new people in Belgrade, both fellow traveling nomads and locals, who will help spice up your social life.
    • BIE-Belgrade International Events: Belgrade International Events also organizes fun meetups and themed-parties at Latinos Bar in Dorćol. Travelers, foreigners in Belgrade and locals alike attend the events, making them a good place to meet new people who you’ll have stuff in common with.
  • prefer meeting people online?
    • Belgrade foreign visitors club: The most active expat group on Facebook, where people can join if they are willing to send copies of their IDs.
    • Polyglot Club Serbia is a language-exchange social network that meets once or twice per week in Belgrade. You can also follow their Facebook page.
    • Expat Serbia is another international community with an active group of members posting useful information about life in Belgrade and other interesting activities.
    • Language Exchange Club Belgrade: This innovative group helps you practice a foreign language for free! Members meet up regularly to exchange language lessons over a coffee or cold beer. You can find a single language buddy or join a bigger group.
    • Spontaneous Belgrade: This group connects spontaneous and active people who share similar interests in doing fun activities in the capital – members are friendly and easy-going.
    • Foreigners in Belgrade: A handy group where members share upcoming events focused on cultural activities, education, and entertainment.
    • Belgrade foreigners sport's group: The best group for those missing their buddies back home to play games with. Bonding over a sports match is one of the best ways to get to know someone.
    • Expats in Belgrade: A cool group where members share their experiences on life in Belgrade, but also organize meetups and share recommendations on favorite hair stylists, restaurants, and gyms.
  • down for some networking?

    It is not without reason we claim Belgrade is the digital capital of the region as it is booming with conferences and business events. Belgrade has a very active IT community and therefore a great number of meetups for tech professionals. However, organizations from other business domains have also followed in these footsteps and, as a result, knowledge sharing became a very important part of Belgraders’ everyday life. 

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