If you’re considering visiting or moving to Belgrade, it is crucial to determine for how long you intend on staying and what the reasons for your visit are  because, depending on the country you come from and the activities you might want to undertake (such as business activities, work, studying, or other), you might need to obtain a Serbian visa, even for a short stay.

There are many tools for finding out the exact visa regime applicable to you, before you embark on your Serbian adventure. We are here to direct you to a trustworthy source of information and help you in case you find something ambiguous.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a comprehensive website with routinely updated official information regarding the Serbian visa policy and general requirements, as well as a list of embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions around the world.

In particular, if you are considering moving to Serbia, it’s worthwhile contacting the nearest Serbian representative in your country for guidance and double-checking on how to start preparing paperwork, thus getting a clear idea of what you need during this process. You will definitely need a few weeks of research about our country to prepare yourself before the big move.

Once you’re in Serbia, you should locate your own embassy or consulate in case you need any assistance while you’re here. Below is the official and regularly updated list published by the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of all foreign diplomatic missions in the country, which also includes information for international organizations and their offices:

The information covered in this section is divided according to the nature and the length of your stay:

  1. Transit
  2. Short stay – up to 90 days
  3. Long stay – more than 90 days
  4. Permanent residence

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the applicable visa regime, upon arrival in Serbia, every foreigner must be registered in the local police station within 24 hours of arrival. This serves to inform local authorities of your official address in the country.

  • confused about mandatory registration?

    Learn how to register as a foreigner.

  • interested in a transit visa?

    Everything you need to know as a passenger in transit.

  • staying for a short while?

    Find out how to apply for a short stay visa.

  • planning on staying longer?

    Information for prospective temporary residents.

  • starting to feel like you’re home?

    All about applying for the permanent resident status.