Although Belgrade’s nightlife prominently features in every guide, as the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade has lots to offer in terms of cultural content, including a number of museums, art galleries, theaters, and cinemas. The National Museum is the country’s largest and an absolute must for anyone interested in art and archeology through the ages, while the Museum of Contemporary Art, as its name suggests, offers a comprehensive look at 20th century Yugoslavian and Serbian art. The city center is the site of many art galleries, where you can always pop in during a stroll to see what local artists have been up to these days. 

Moving on to theaters and cinemas, again you will not be disappointed in Belgrade. The city has several modern cinemas where you can view the last Hollywood flicks and local productions, but for those movie buffs that believe they don’t make films like they used to – Belgrade has two art cinemas where you can watch the true and tested classics, oldies, and auteur films. There is also quite the theater culture in Belgrade, but unfortunately most productions are in Serbian (it might interest you to learn basic Serbian).

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