If you’ve heard of Belgrade, chances are you’ve heard stories about her epic nightlife. 

Commonly referred to as the “new Berlin”, Belgrade has a way of making people let loose. Whether you’re more into bar-hopping or really just wanna dance till you drop at a club, the Serbian capital has something for everyone. The local DJs will have you spinning in circles on packed dancefloors till morning. The infamous splavs, river boats turned nightclubs known for wild parties, will make you forget all your troubles, at least for a night. The cool rock gigs from both local and foreign bands are bound to energize you. The top-notch jazz club performances will invigorate and relax you after a hard day at work.   

In Belgrade, nights out in the city typically start with pre drinks, a warming-up ritual that can take place either at somebody’s home or at one (or many) of the countless bars in the center. After this, it’s anyone’s guess what can happen and where you’ll end up. 

One thing we know for sure is – going out in Belgrade is a whole other level.

  • savamala

    The vibrant neighborhood of Savamala is home to jazz bars, rock venues, comedy clubs and beerhouses, so if you find yourself in this particular area on a Friday or Saturday night, know you’re in the right place whatever is it you’re looking for.

    Our favorite spots are KC Grad, perfect for dancing to pop and rock tunes; Ben Akiba comedy club & bar, known for its colorful cocktails; Berliner beer house, a burger and sausage joint to recharge after a night out; Jazz Bašta, a stylish garden with a live jazz band.

  • rafts

    Belgrade’s infamous river-boats, known as splavs, are often synonymous with the Serbian turbofolk genre of music, which can best be described as an eclectic mixture of dance with ethno vibes.

    However, it should be noted that there are also many splavs geared more towards electronic, rock and dance music. We recommend 20/44, a staple of the Belgrade clubbing scene with an excellent lineup of DJs Wednesday to Sunday, a retro interior design and a view of Belgrade that is to die for. Other cool places include the disco and house mecca Kućica and Leto, where energetic party nights take place in a carefully-designed interior with tropical overtones meant to evoke the best sides of summer. Another one is Šlep, a raft specializing in R&B parties, on which you will find more of an alternative crowd.

  • cetinjska

    Located right by the traditional bohemian street of Skadarlija, Cetinjska is more oriented towards the young and urban crowd. This parking lot in the city center was formerly in the possession of the BIP brewery, but nowadays it’s home to a cluster of bars and clubs, each with its own unique appeal.

    Zaokret is a hipster cafe and bar, great to grab a coffee at during the daytime and immensely fun to hang out at when the sun goes down. Right next to Zaokret, you’ll find Ljubimac, with its charming dive bar vibe and a more laid-back feel to it. Just behind Ljubimac, some stairs lead to a lift door. Behind them, you can find entertainment such as pool and darts, techno DJ sets, and a perfect summer roof terrace in a place called Lift. Dim is the bar operated by one of the owners of the techno sanctuary of Drugstore; here you can expect more underground sounds and a largely avant-garde and creative crowd. Elektropionir is a live music venue where local and foreign bands perform to the delight of Belgrade’s rock community. Sprat Bar is located right above Zaokret and is operated by the same people; its main selling point is an endless flow of craft beers and friendly people.

  • beton hala

    Beton Hala is a large complex of restaurants, clubs and bars, all neatly lined up along the Sava riverfront. If you’re looking for a wild party, look no further than Komitet and its live music nights. The legendary Freestyler splav club, famous for its summer R'n'B and hip-hop parties, also has a winter stage located in Beton Hala. Luxurious Lafayette is there as well. It offers refined cuisine and a show you’ll never forget. Make sure to check out some of Beton Hala’s fantastic restaurants before you go partying here.

  • skadarlija

    Skadarlija is Belgrade’s bohemian quarter, akin to Paris’ Montmartre neighborhood. The old cobbled street is lined with traditional kafanas, all of which serve delicious Serbian food and have live music. The music scene of Skadarlija revolves around the starogradska genre, a type of old school urban folk music characterized by nostalgic songs of love and city life.

    Our favorite places to enjoy live music and traditional Serbian food in Skadarlija are Šešir moj, impossible to miss due to the fact it's covered in flower pots from top to bottom; Tri šešira, visited by world leaders like former US President George H. W. Bush and the Spanish King Juan Carlos; and Dva jelena, one of Belgrade’s oldest restaurants, which has been serving up tasty dishes since its founding in 1832.

  • palilula

    Bitef Art Cafe is a live music venue with a summer location in Kalemegdan and a winter stage in the Palilula neighborhood. The place is known for nightly performances of skilled cover bands who cater to a diverse range of musical tastes.

    If Belgrade’s nightlife makes it the new Berlin, then Drugstore is Belgrade’s Berghain. Housed in a former slaughterhouse, the so-called techno cathedral is a spacious and industrial style club where parties rarely begin before 2am. Expect to meet some of Belgrade’s most intriguing and mystical characters here, and expect to be wowed by the star-studded line-up of world class local and international electronic music performers that adore playing under Drugstore’s roof.

    Ciglana Klub Ljubitelja Teške Industrije or just Ciglana is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, unique and idiosyncratic venues in all of Belgrade. Think Burning Man meets Mad Max. It’s rather far from the city center, but make no mistake, this place is definitely worth the ride. A truly alternative place, Ciglana’s open-air premises are huge, dotted by quirky murals and larger-than-life art installations. Ciglana organizes different music festivals, shows, art exhibitions and creative events.

  • dorćol

    Dorćol is a vibrant neighborhood with various cafes, restaurants, bars, and unique places to start your night out adventure.

    We recommend Strogi centar for all jazz lovers, a chill place in an apartment building where people enjoy live music.
    Silosi is a cultural center located at the Danube river where you can enjoy your morning coffee and yoga or evening cocktails and party, your choice.
    The one truly unique place is Barutana at the bottom of the Kalemegdan fortress hides an open space that welcomes world-class techno DJs.

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