As any true European metropolis, Belgrade has developed an extensive public transportation system with buses, trams, and trolleys gliding along her streets from dawn to night. After midnight, the city’s transportation system runs on a reduced schedule, but is still there to get you where you need to be. It’s also noteworthy that public transport in Belgrade is pretty cheap compared to the rest of Europe.

Although Belgrade doesn’t have a subway, it does have one advantage over its more major European counterparts – lots and lots of walkable streets. On the downside, if you like having your own car, be aware that parking can be quite tricky in Belgrade.  

Finally, the city has made use of modern tech in helping you get around smoothly, including the local version of Uber – CarGo and Russian Yandex.

  • what’s belgrade’s public transport like?

    Buses are the cornerstone of the Belgrade public transport system, but there is also a number of tram lines, which commonly connect Novi Beograd with the other side of the Sava, and trolleybuses, most of which serve the city center. 

    The transport system is cheap, with tickets valid for 90 minutes of travel costing less than one euro. If you plan on staying in Belgrade for an extended period of time, you should look into monthly transportation passes. Nighttime bus services run from midnight to 4 am and require purchasing a special ticket on board. 

    Belgrade’s public transport system also offers a handy app for Android and iOS where you can track the locations of all buses in proximity.

  • does belgrade have a metro?

    Unlike other European cities of a similar size and population, Belgrade has no metro due to several complex factors. Instead, there is BG Voz, an urban railway system with four lines. Although these trains are fast, they are mostly used by commuters from Belgrade’s more remote municipalities, so don’t be surprised to discover that many locals have never ridden BG Voz.

  • is there a good taxi service and uber?

    There’s about a dozen taxi companies in Belgrade which can be hailed on the street or ordered via phone. 

    There are two different taxi rates in Belgrade. The charge for one kilometer during the so-called day rate from 6 am to 10 pm is €0.5. The night rate is applied after 10 pm, on Sundays and holidays, when you can expect to pay €0.7 for every kilometer you travel. Most cab rides are paid in cash, often with a small tip, but some companies also offer card payment. 

    However, the Serbian version of the ride-hailing app Uber, CarGo, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. The CarGo app is available for download for both Android and iOS, while its services are cheaper than that of traditional cabs. CarGo also has a range of luxury vehicles in its more expensive vehicle class. 

    When ordering a taxi, we advise you to apply common sense since there are scammy drivers. The best practice is to use apps or order a ride by phone. Also, always take a taxi with license plates ending with TX and a roof sign with the city coat of arms.

  • does it make sense to get a car?

    Lots of Belgraders own cars, however, as in other large cities, driving and parking are known to cause an occasional headache. If you decide to get a car, we recommend you to avoid driving during the morning and evening rush hours when traffic in Belgrade is at its heaviest.

    Finding a parking spot might require a bit of patience, particularly in the city center, so be mindful when taking your car to Belgrade’s old core. Although the issue of parking in large cities is a complex one, the city’s parking service website and accompanying app can be quite useful.

    You can also find a dozen or so car rental companies in Belgrade with wide ranges of vehicles to choose from. This is a good option for short city breaks and exploring the rest of Serbia, if you don’t have your own car.

  • is belgrade a bike-friendly city?

    Bicycle tours of the city have become popular in recent years. The relatively flat area of New Belgrade is a good place to get around on a bike, with multiple bike lanes lined along the wide boulevards. There are also attractive bike trails by the Sava and Danube riverbanks and on Ada Ciganlija.

    On the other hand, keep in mind that Belgrade lies atop 31 hills, meaning the terrain can be challenging for those less experienced. Although not exactly ideal for biking on the scale of biking paradises in the Netherlands for example, Serbian capital’s landscape will treat your two wheeled friend just fine.

  • can you get around on a boat?

    As a city with rivers, Belgrade offers a lot of terms of water activities not limited to the famous raft clubs known as splavs. 

    In Belgrade, you can go on elegant boat cruises and sightseeing tours of the city, which will show you a different perspective of the Serbian capital while you soak up the sun. 

    There’s also a water taxi company that operates in Belgrade. The experienced water taxi “drivers” are there to take you to your watery destination of choice, while you sip on refreshments offered onboard. 

    Also, don’t miss small boats connecting Ada Ciganlija to New Belgrade's Block 70a.

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