Belgrade is one of the safest cities in Europe, a comfortable, exciting, and affordable metropolis that has managed to retain just the right amount of her old-world charm.

In Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, you can expect to find a reliable work environment with high-speed internet, coworking and office spaces for every budget, and hard-working and dedicated people to collaborate with.

interested in living in belgrade?


serbian dinar (RSD)

avg. internet speed

32.22 Mbps

avg. monthly costs

800 - 1.500€


220 V

Cheap cities in Europe that offer as much as Belgrade does are hard to come by. The low cost of living is one of Belgrade’s staples, a rare sight among European capitals, so expect to find absolute steals of apartments in the city center for prices as low as 300 euros per month. Likewise, expect to be able to dine-out without always checking your bank account first or to afford various amenities that might have once been out of reach.

As she’s a modern city that is very much in tune with global trends, you can also count on the locals speaking great English, while most restaurants and bars offer menus in English as well.

Belgrade has walkable streets, but she knows there’ll be times when you’ll need reliable public transportation. This means Belgrade has a vast network of buses, trams, and trolleys that cover the entire cityscape, as well as popular ride-hailing apps and traditional taxi companies. 

Going nomad has never been easier. 

festive winters and loads of sunshine


You can expect long and sunny summers in Belgrade, marked by people chilling on the city’s scenic riverbanks, in lush parks and breezy outdoor cafes. During the winter months, the temperature averages at about 5 degrees Celsius, but Belgrade refuses to bow down to cold weather. In fact, December and January are some of Belgrade’s most cheerful months, when you can expect nights out in the city to be amplified by a festive mood.

But perhaps the best times to find yourself in Belgrade are spring and fall. Starting in late March, the city’s greenery starts to bloom, and the thermometer settles around 18 degrees, making it perfect for spring strolls, picnics, and exploring the capital of Serbia. In fall, think pleasant weather, vivid red and brown foliage and the start of many festivals and cultural events. 

quite a friendly crowd

Belgraders are usually described by foreigners as the friendliest people they’ve ever met on the road. And they’re not wrong. Serbia, in general, is renowned for its hospitality and its ability to make anyone feel at home, so expect to make new friends in Belgrade fast and with ease.

What Belgrade might lack in the cultural diversity department – it more than makes up for with her friendliness and openness. The city also has a growing expat and digital nomad community that organizes various events on a weekly and monthly basis, making it straightforward to connect with likeminded people and share stories.

As previously mentioned, expect to hear great English most everywhere you go, but the locals often speak other languages like German, French, and Russian as well.


median age



women to men ratio

52.8% women

getting down to business the belgrade way

Belgrade is the financial and business hub of Serbia and Southeast Europe, with a booming IT sector on its way to become the largest industry in the Serbian economy.

While in Belgrade, be prepared to meet a large IT community, a sizable number of startups and digital companies, and an innovative and creative workforce.

New Belgrade is the city’s financial heart, where a large number of international and local companies have set up their HQs, but still a substantial number of businesses can be found in the city center’s 19th century architectural gems.


strong gaming industry that is expanding


many product-oriented blockchain startups