If you’re feeling a bit fed up with Netflix, or simply believe that movies are made for the big screen, here you can read about all the perfect spots in Belgrade to relax after a long day at work and have a nice time in the company of a good film. The bad news is, cinemas and theaters in Serbia usually don’t have websites in English (but, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for). The good news is movies are usually not dubbed. 

There are over a dozen cinemas in Belgrade and loads of film festivals, which typically take place from fall until spring. Aside from movie theater chains commonly found in shopping malls, there are several independent cinemas where you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, contemporary European productions, and local silver screen achievements. 

Belgrade also has two art cinemas, where movie history enthusiasts will feel right at home while watching everything from silent films to auteur works of the sixties.  

When it comes to film festivals, the best-known is FEST, the only festival in a socialist country that was graced by the presence of numerous stars like Jack Nicholson and Francis Ford Coppola. Other notable festivals include The Auteur Film Festival, Free Zone, and Beldocs

Belgraders also love theater and the Serbian capital is consequently home to many of the finest in the region. Although a majority of plays are performed in Serbian, there are performances of classic dramas in English a few times a year. Some modern theaters have also started subtitling their plays in English, so if you’re a theatergoer keep an eye out for works you might be interested in.

Nevertheless, a night out at one of Belgrade’s theaters can be quite the experience even if your grasp on Serbian doesn’t go much further than the basics.



Cineplexx is a movie theater chain with multiple locations in Serbia. Its Belgrade locations are in the shopping malls Ušće, BIG, BEO, Galerija and Delta City. Foreign movies are all shown in the original language, with Serbian subtitles, while only children’s movies are dubbed. Cineplexx’s tickets are on the more expensive side compared to other cinemas in Belgrade.



Address7a Kneza Miloša Street

Tuckwood is one of the most popular cinemas in Belgrade with a more old-school vibe. Its viewing rooms are named after Classical Hollywood Cinema stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It is also possible to make reservations beforehand by calling +381 11 3236517.



Address13 Pariske komune Street

This New Belgrade movie theater is less crowded than the cinemas in the Ušće and Delta City shopping malls but offers mostly the same titles. To make a reservation, please call +381 11 2670469 or +381 64 5476867.


Dom Sindikata

Address14 Dečanska Street

Established in 1957, Dom Sindikata has one of the largest auditoriums in the capital. After years of neglect, the place has recently been renovated and rebranded under the name Kombank Dvorana, and it holds concerts as well.


Roda Cineplex

Address83a Požeška Street

A bit farther away from the busy city center, Roda Cineplex is a great and affordable cinema in the neighborhood of Banovo Brdo. Its movie repertoire ranges from international hits to movies from Serbian directors.


National Theatre in Belgrade

Address3 Francuska Street

The National Theater, located on the Republic Square, is the most opulent setting to listen to opera and watch drama and ballet performances in Serbia. Its first play was held in 1868, while the theater’s interior is truly a sight to behold.


Yugoslav Drama Theater

Address50 Kralja Milana Street

The Yugoslav Drama Theater was born after the Second World War as a place where some of the most important drama actors of the former country crafted their artistic skills. The theater building was renovated in 2003, while the surrounding area includes the serene Manjež park.


Terazije Theater

Address3 Nikole Pašica Square

Terazije Theater is a Broadway-style theater, where operettas, musicals, and comedies come to life. It represents one of the most technologically advanced theaters in Serbia and is located right in the city center. photo: Nemanja Miščević


Atelier 212

Address21 Svetogorska Street

Atelier 212 is considered one of the most important theaters in the region. It’s also known as the place where Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, banned in communist countries, was performed in 1956, a controversial move that echoed throughout the local theater community. photo: Atelje 212 archive


Opera & Theatre Madlenianum

Address32 Glavna Street, Zemun

Madlenianum is a private opera that opened its doors to the public in 1998, the first private opera in the entire Serbia. It’s the only place where you can listen to opera in Zemun and was founded by the wife of a Serbian businessman Philip Zepter, Madlena. photo: D. Filipović


Bitef Theatre

Address1 Mire Trailović Square

Housed in a former evangelical church in Dorćol, Bitef and the eponymous theater festival are the place to go for avant-garde performances. Students and pensioners are offered ticket discounts.


Belgrade Drama Theater

Address64a Mileševska Street

The Belgrade Drama Theater is a Vračar staple, where contemporary and avant-garde performances can be enjoyed.


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