Tacos, pasta, sushi, falafel, you name it. Aside from the popular world cuisines, available for both in-house dining and takeaway, experiencing the rich and vibrant wonder known as Serbian food should also be on the top of your list. Pljeskavica is the local variant of the American burger, a grilled meat patty particularly popular among the swarms of Belgrade’s youth in the early morning hours after a night out in the city. Other local delicacies include sarma, a type of slow-cooked cabbage roll, pastries like gibanica or proja, the roasted pepper relish known as ajvar, the creamy kajmak that should be spread over freshly baked bread. Serbian food alone is worth a visit to Belgrade.

As for those looking to complement a healthy lifestyle with tasty, but nutritious dishes – have no fear, Belgrade gets you. From all-vegan restaurants to places serving fresh organic snacks, there is an abundance of delectable options to satisfy even the most health-conscious bunch.

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that local eateries and fast-food joints alike are all affordable compared to Belgrade’s European peers, with prices ranging from €2 for grabbing a bite at local street food vendors to €10 for a main course at more higher-end restaurants. Enjoying a budget-friendly meal in Belgrade is easy, picking just one place from the vast line-up of restaurants – that’s a whole other story.

And once you’re done indulging in some of the local specialties or more cosmopolitan dishes, make sure to down a traditional Serbian/regional coffee. As one of the top coffee cultures in Europe, Serbians like their coffee strong and black, often with a side of ratluk (Turkish delight).

If you’ve worked up an appetite just by reading this, time to get down to business. Here’s a selection of our favorite spots to satisfy all your culinary needs during your stay in Belgrade.

  • Burrito Madre

    ‘’The spirit of Mexico, home grown.’’

  • Walter

    ‘’Where do you take guests from abroad? Well, to try ćevapi, of course!’’

  • Mornar

    ‘’One of the historical Belgrade restaurants.’’

  • Caribic Pizza

    ‘’Caribic pizza has won the most picky ones.’’

  • Ćevap kod Dekija

    ‘’Ćevap is a restaurant with delicious food and a very pleasant ambient.’’

  • Pizzagram

    ‘’It is not like any other pizza you have tasted so far.’’

  • Bloom

    ‘’Bloom is a small nook situated in a charming neighborhood of Belgrade.’’

  • Bucko

    ‘’Bucko (meaning Chubby) is one of the most popular pizza places in Belgrade.’’

  • Donji Grad

    ‘’At the corner of Knićaninova and Visokog Stevana is a restaurant Donji Grad.’’

  • Magaza Gastropub

    ‘’Magaza is a restaurant created with the idea of raising hedonism to a higher level.’’

  • New Reset

    ‘’Enjoy the natural oasis in the heart of Belgrade.’’

  • Gradska

    ‘’Gradska Restaurant was born on Dorćol – in the soul of Belgrade.’’

  • ?

    "? is the oldest, still operational traditional tavern in Belgrade.’’

  • Bistro Grad Hometown Food

    ‘’Just yards away from the bustling pedestrian zone.’’

  • Mančiz

    “Most addicting burgers in town”

  • Intergalactic Diner

    “A throwback to the 60s”

  • Restoran Istok

    “Every dish melts in your mouth”

  • Casa Nova

    ‘’This Italian-French cuisine restaurant is located in the heart of Belgrade.’’

  • Zavičaj

    ‘’Zavičaj is famous for its specialties of the Balkan cuisine.’’

  • Toro

    ‘’TORO Latin GastroBar is a creative blend of Pan Latin styles and flavors.’’

  • Dva jelena

    “The Two Deer restaurant is the classic symbol of Belgrade.’’

  • Tri šešira

    “Three Hats is a true pearl among the restaurants of Skadarlija.’’

  • Smokvica

    “Good for: refreshing drinks and a plate of cheese in a garden”

  • Burger House

    “Family recipe made by two brothers”

  • Restoran TRI

    “Hidden gem in the centre of Belgrade”

  • Mezestoran Dvorište

    “Authentic greek tavern”

  • SkyLounge

    ‘’SkyLounge encompasses the entire eighth floor of the Hilton Hotel.’’

  • Salon 5

    ‘’A great restaurant makes you feel great.’’

  • Franš

    ‘’Franš is, in fact, one real Belgrade mister.’’

  • Salon 1905

    ‘’Salon 1905 offers a truly one of a kind fine dining experience.’’

  • Madera

    ‘’Belgrade's bohemians, famous artists and journalists gathered in our restaurant.’’

  • Bizu

    ‘’Restaurant Bizu is part of SUSHI Box brand.’’

  • Sakura

    ‘’A sophisticated twist on the traditional asian style.’’

  • Kalemegdanska terasa

    ‘’Kalemegdanska Terasa retained its purpose from the 1930s.’’

  • Vegessence

    ‘’Vegessence is a concept that focuses on the consumption of plant based food.’’

  • Jazzayoga

    "Jazza Yoga is the place to be when in search for that healthy snack.’’

  • Ćao Šećeru!

    “For a vegan sweet tooth”

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