The capital of Serbia is at the forefront of the regional digital revolution, offering visitors an affordable, culturally rich, and energetic destination for both work and pleasure. Packed with a compelling startup scene, a large IT and business community, and fresh ideas, Belgrade is also a home to 1.7 million Belgraders who provide the city with her famous friendly vibe.

The city of Belgrade lies right in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, but remains close, both mentally and physically, to European hotspots like Berlin and London, all just a short plane flight away, making it the perfect location for short city breaks. Her proximity to the seaside also makes her a popular stop for those visiting the nearby countries of Greece, Croatia, and Montenegro during the summer months as word of mouth has slowly made Belgrade’s nightlife, food, culture, and people the most sought-after features of the Balkans.

Living in Belgrade is incredibly comfortable. Although she’s a city that isn’t afraid to get down to business, Belgrade also understands the value of quality downtime. Expect to discover countless cool bars, world-class restaurants, picturesque streets, delightful parks, and a hospitable crowd that welcomes foreigners from all walks of life. This is mostly apparent in the thriving local expat community, which has found it easy to settle in a city that inspires people with her storied past and captures them with an easy-going modern lifestyle that is unique to Belgrade. Time to discover why people can’t get enough of this city.


44.78° N, 20.44° E


116.75 m

city area

360 km²


1.7 million people

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