Like any major European city, Belgrade is a great shopping destination. 

Although the Serbian capital has several large and popular shopping malls, she still nurtures her small businesses. In Belgrade, you can still find cool vintage and antique shops, flea markets and second-hand stores to satisfy all of your shopping needs. E-commerce isn’t as developed in Serbia as in the US and Western Europe; however, there’s a bunch of handy websites that sell used and second-hand items for reasonable prices. 

All of the most popular and common European clothing brands can be easily found in Belgrade, but there are also loads of designer boutiques where you can buy unique clothes, shoes, and souvenirs. There’s also a good range of designer furniture and home decor shops for furnishing your home according to your taste.

Belgrade has a number of bookstores, a lot of which offer titles in foreign languages, mostly in English.  

Finally, the city’s beloved green markets are also a good place to hunt for bargains on a wide array of products.  

We only tried to point out some of them in the section below.

  • Ušće

    Ušće’s collection of 140 stores makes it more than likely you’ll find something to buy here.

  • Galerija

    Galerija opened up in 2020 and overtook Ušće as the largest mall in the region.

  • Immocentar

    An outlet shopping center in New Belgrade with popular clothing and accessory brands.

  • Zira

    One of the largest shopping malls in Belgrade, situated in the Palilula neighborhood.

  • CasaBianca

    Italian and other European-manufactured furniture pieces and home accessories.

  • Emmezeta

    An enormous retail store in New Belgrade with a broad selection of furniture.

  • Ikea

    A favorite among locals for weekend furniture and home decor shopping.

  • Top Shop

    Top Shop is popular for its many discounted home appliances.

  • Coincasa

    A nice range of Italian-made home decor and furniture.

  • Home Alliance

    A small home decor shop in central Belgrade with a limited, but select line of brands.

  • JYSK

    A Danish brand of furniture and home interior decor with a couple of locations in Belgrade.

  • Zara Home

    Elegantly-designed home decor, tableware, textiles, and bathroom accessories.

  • Artefacto

    A high-end furniture designer located in Svetogorska street.

  • Hookl Und Stool

    A Serbian designer furniture manufacturer and a brand with a knack for chair design.

  • Numanović

    A Serbian furniture manufacturer from Novi Pazar, popular for its timeless designs.

  • Shamliza

    A design studio that promotes handcrafted furniture pieces made in Serbia.

  • Gir Store

    Features several stunning and contemporary furniture brands.

  • Kare Design

    A modern and eclectic portfolio of home products and furniture.

  • Prostoria

    A group of young Croatian designers with simple, but striking, furniture designs.

  • Atelje Petlja

    A designer duo specializing in unique clothing items and fashion accessories.

  • Blatobran

    A creative center that gathers artists and designers who mostly work with ceramics.

  • L’Atelier Belgrade

    A high-end concept store that carries exclusive fashion designers and perfumes.

  • Koncept 45

    Home decor products, fashion, and accessories.

  • The P1. concept store

    Sells clothes and shoes from local and regional fashion designers.

  • Belgrade Design District

    Belgrade Design District Or Čumićevo sokače is a local designer heaven.

  • Gradstore

    A space dedicated to promoting the work of young local artists and designers.

  • Lovely

    A multi-brand concept store that offers clothing, shoes, jewellery, and accessories.

  • Makadam

    A warm and welcoming concept store that features art, books, jewellery, and much more.

  • Boya Porcelain

    A shop where you can find exquisite handcrafted porcelain tableware made by its founder.

  • Antique Art

    A buyer and seller of antique artworks that has been active for over three decades.

  • Antiques Cirkovic

    A wide assortment of paintings, antique furniture, porcelain, and silver.

  • Antikvarnica D&B

    Carefully restoring antique clocks, vases, and chandeliers, as well as paintings.

  • Jane Doe Vintage Shop

    A clothing shop with a selection that spans retro, pin-up, boho, and classic vintage styles.

  • Katapult

    A festival that brings together cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, and clothing items.

  • Antika Eklektika

    Refurbishes and sells antique furniture and home decor items.

  • Antiques Stojilovic

    Various antique pieces, including chandeliers, figurines, tableware, and furniture.

  • Antikvarnica Suncokret

    An interesting range of lamps, hats, glassware, and other rare and vintage items.

  • Jelena Plus

    Sells antique lamps, porcelain, paintings, and unique jewellery.

  • Mašna

    Another antique dealer that sells furniture, porcelain, jewelry, lamps, paintings...

  • Antiques Fair

    Hotel Slavia hosts a vintage and antiques fair once a month.

  • Buvljak

    Filled with stalls that offer everything from cleaning products to clothing.

  • Kupindo

    One of the most popular Serbian websites for online retail.

  • Limundo

    A Serbian version of eBay, where you can buy various products by bidding.

  • Textile House

    A chain of second-hand clothing shops with nine stores in Belgrade.

  • Kupujem Prodajem

    Online marketplace, most commonly used by people looking for cars and electronics.

  • Moje Krpice

    An online marketplace where users buy, sell, and exchange second-hand clothing, make-up and accessories.

  • Kalenić

    A well-known open-air green market located in Vračar.

  • Bajloni

    The market is among the largest and best-stocked, with fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

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