Internet access has become a basic right in the 21st century and Belgrade’s right on board with this new reality. Cable television, fiber-optic internet, and great mobile network coverage are guaranteed.

  • in need of an internet provider?

    When it comes to internet providers, the four major ones are: 

    All of these companies offer fiber-optic internet, as well as cable internet. Unfortunately,  none have a website in English, but you can always expect to find English-speaking employees at their offices located throughout Belgrade. 

    If cable television is something you’re interested in as well, make sure to check out the channels each provider offers. Most will have a host of foreign TV channels, including the major news networks like CNN and the BBC, as well as other local channels, because Belgrade gets that sometimes you’ll get homesick no matter how welcoming she is.  

  • choosing a cell phone carrier?

    There are several cell phone carriers and internet providers in Serbia to choose from, the  three largest being:

    All three have a fair number of branch offices, where you can get informed in person on their best deals. When signing a contract with a cell phone carrier, make sure you understand the terms of the agreement, particularly for how long the contract will last. You have both the option of signing a contract just to use a carrier’s services and to get a phone with a cell plan, while all three also offer internet plans.

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