What tea-time is for English, coffee time is for Serbians. There are a myriad of coffee shops in Belgrade, places where the locals traditionally sit down to sip on their espressos or Serbian coffee with friends. However, if you really need just a quick caffeine buzz, most places offer takeaway coffee as well.

Additionally, a number of laptop friendly and smoke-free coffee shops have popped up across the city map in recent years, so if you prefer working outside of your home, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect spot. It should be noted that there is room for improvement in the plant-based milk section and that Belgrade is already working on it.

Now, when it comes to that other type of liquid buzz, you’ll find Belgrade plays no games. The most prominent local alcoholic drink is the fabled rakija, a strong fruit-based spirit that is a must-try for any first-time visitors. Still, the most popular alcoholic beverage is the simple and humble beer. Local industrial breweries dominate the beer market, but in recent years Belgrade’s witnessed a boom in craft beers, available at most of the top bars in the city center. Other types of booze, such as cocktails and shots are widely available throughout the city. 

And yes, the tap water in Belgrade is safe for drinking.

  • Meduza

    ‘’Books and intimate music sessions for a chatty coffee with your friends.’’

  • Café Amelie

    ‘’French influence alongside comfort and a vintage look.’’

  • Leila Records

    ‘’Leila is a cafe and record and book shop, art shop, and much more.’’

  • Kafeterija

    ‘’Brewing the beans, with a wide variety of coffees on offer.’’

  • Blaznavac

    ‘’Blaznavac isn't your usual continental cafe.’’

  • Aviator Coffee Explorer

    ‘’Where you can chill out relax and enjoy a great coffee.’’

  • Šećer

    ‘’Interesting colors of beverages and healthy choices on a menu.’’

  • Coffee Dream

    ‘’A coffee dream about a beautiful place where you can drink high-quality coffee.’’

  • Šoljica

    ‘’Small place but great coffee choice.’’

  • Java Coffee

    ‘’Serbia knows how to appreciate the art of making a perfect cup of coffee,’’

  • Koffein

    ‘’Unusual coffee shop just around the corner.’’

  • B R E

    ‘’Such a chill place.’’

  • Laboratorija kafe

    ‘’Unique place with unique menu.’’

  • Pržionica D59B

    ‘’A micro-roaster and coffee bar with a completely new concept.’’

  • Greenet

    ‘’There are two Greenets in Nušićeva street - one is strictly non smoking.’’

  • Bookastore

    ‘’Quiet place to enjoy books and newspapers.’’

  • Cafe & Factory

    ‘’Lots and lots of coffees to try.’’

  • Užitak Coffee selection and delights

    ‘’Or simply put, the best coffee in the neighbourhood...’’

  • Apropo

    ‘’Non-smoking place with adorable cats.’’

  • VeZa

    ‘’Also a vegan place.’’

  • Hotel Beograd

    “Amazing coffee and homemade croissants in a minimalistic interior complemented with the sound of house music.”

  • April bar

    "Great selection of cocktails at an aesthetically pleasing and smoke-free place."

  • Ljubimac

    ‘’Nice, alternative looking place.’’

  • Meduza

    ‘’Books and intimate music sessions for a chatty coffee with your friends.’’

  • Bistro bar

    “Also student friendly.”

  • Filter

    ‘’Peaceful and quiet place with great coffee.’’

  • Mlin

    “A cozy, quiet café.”

  • Zaokret

    "Enjoy a cup of coffee getting your work done at the community table or in a hidden garden."

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