Looking for a job in Belgrade? It can be difficult to know where to start, but luckily Belgrade knows how to make things easier. 

There are a number of job portals that list employment opportunities in the capital, as well as in other Serbian cities. If you’re an IT professional, expect to find lots of opportunities in Belgrade, as IT is Serbia’s fastest growing industry with over 60,000 employees. This number is only expected to climb as a host of more “traditional” companies have been working diligently on digitalization and modernizing their services. 

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a remote tech entrepreneur or just looking for a great place to start a whole new line of business, Belgrade checks all the boxes – the city is affordable, up-to-date with new tech trends, and open to fresh ideas.

  • where to look for a job?

    The easiest place to start looking for a job in Serbia are employment websites, which are updated on a weekly or daily basis. On most of these websites, you’ll need to register for free first, after which you can upload your CV, and start job hunting. All websites have handy filter tools to help you narrow down your search by industry, location and position. 

    You can also check out LinkedIn for job opportunities, where you can filter any job search by industry and location as well. 

    General jobs:

    IT jobs:

  • considering recruitment companies?

    In addition to employment websites, you might want to consider looking at recruitment companies in Serbia. These kinds of employment agencies usually have their own employer-customer databases, while their experts are always there to consult and help you find a great company or a position that fits your skills perfectly. Although some of them offer their services free of charge, be prepared to pay a monthly fee to some agencies. 

  • job opportunities in serbia

    Microsoft to employ more than 40 software engineers

    Microsoft Development Center in Serbia has opened more than 40 new job positions in the field of software engineering. The Development Center in Belgrade continues to grow after experiencing expansion of more than 100 people from Serbia, the region and worldwide last year, thus justifying the title of the most desirable IT employer in the country.

    The Belgrade Center is the place where new products and innovations are created and then applied globally. The career in Belgrade offers countless possibilities, from cooperation with top experts on developing tools used by billions of people to work in an international surrounding and the opportunity for constant learning and improvement. Microsoft Development Center teams in Serbia create some of the most advanced and widespread digital services.

    Regardless of the country of origin, all candidates interested in working in Microsoft Development Center in Belgrade can apply at the following link. 

    You can see here how to prepare for the interview process in one of the world’s greatest IT companies. 

    Interested software engineers can apply for the following positions:

    Software Engineer

    Software Engineering Manager

    Senior Software Engineer

    Software Engineer 2

    Principal Software Engineer

    Senior Program Manager

    Diversity and inclusion are core MDCS values. One of the best ways to develop quality ideas is to bring together people of different profiles, cultures, perspectives, and ways of thinking. Following that principle, for the past seven years, MDCS has been encouraging girls to start their careers in the IT industry through 'Girls in ICT' and 'Women know IT' initiatives. Recently, it has started to recruit internationally in order to expand its mission and empower the local ecosystem. The Company also offers numerous competitive benefits, from the best health care insurance plans, parental leave for both parents to a multitude of perks such as flexible work schedule, generous vacation as well as resources for further learning and improvement. 

    About the Company: 

    Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS) was established in 2005. For the last 16 years, we have been creating cutting-edge technology right here, in Belgrade. Being part of this ambitious, diverse, and creative team of around 500 people in Microsoft Development Center in Serbia will allow you to expand your ideas and knowledge, working globally while living in Belgrade. By joining the team in Serbia, you will be able to develop some of the leading and most innovative solutions of the Microsoft Company. You will be a link between the abstract concepts and solutions – the one who understands the user, solves problems, and develops applications that make a difference. More about (MDCS) : What We Do (microsoft.com) 


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