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The founder and CEO of Appomart



Where are you from and is this your first time in Belgrade?
I am originally from the USSR, born in Leningrad, a city now known as Saint Petersburg. However, my professional activity and desire for a change of climate to a more favorable one, along with the development of technological solutions for the European market, brought me to Belgrade. I have a special connection with this picturesque city, as it is here that I have made significant steps towards the growth and success of my company, Appomart.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work?
I am the founder and CEO of Appomart, a group of companies specializing in the development of IT products: mobile applications and web services. My professional focus is on strategic project management and marketing, which ensures that each of our products is not only technologically advanced but also commercially successful.

Our projects align closely with the real needs of the market, and I constantly seek ways to optimize investments before their implementation to guarantee profitability and stability for each launch.

Over the years, I have developed the ability to anticipate the needs of clients and the market, preventing costly mistakes. The project approach I use includes studying and analyzing every aspect, which in turn leads to significant time and resource savings. I personally estimate the investment volume realistically before a project begins its life. My strategic perspective and management ensure not only the successful launch of a product but also its subsequent profitability and market stability.


Could you please tell us more about your company and the platforms you developed?
Appomart is notable for developing and implementing our own platform Appocore, which allows for a 30-50% acceleration in software product creation compared to traditional custom software development. This enables our clients to achieve their business goals faster and turn ideas into live, functional digital products, maintaining flexibility, scalability, and high quality.

We have developed more than 70 projects: from service ordering applications to business process automation platforms. Our portfolio includes geolocation systems for fast delivery, social interaction platforms, educational platforms, various trackers, fitness apps, and other solutions aimed at improving work processes and enhancing users’ quality of life. Each project is tailored to the specific needs of clients, thereby providing real value to users and growth for companies.

Remarkably, having been in Serbia for 2 years, my partners and I have already brought to life the startup Toolly, a service ordering platform we launched after arriving in Serbia. Last year, we presented it at an event at Nova Iskra and have since attracted the attention of leading Serbian media outlets, such as Blic Biznis, Informer, and RTS1. I am sincerely pleased that my professional path in IT and the products we have developed have sparked notable interest in the Serbian press. Another project, born thanks to my move to Serbia, is GoBalkans. I have personally experienced the process of relocating to the Balkans, from starting a business in Serbia to obtaining residency. This experience has given me a unique perspective on all the underlying currents and challenges of this process, enabling me to create a service that greatly simplifies and optimizes these procedures. GoBalkans is based on my own experience, now available to help others in their quest for new opportunities on the Balkans.

Using our own solutions on a regular basis not only brings a sense of convenience and functionality but also a constant drive for improvement. At Appomart, we place great value on user feedback and our personal experience to make each solution even more effective and appealing. This approach allows us not just to “create” services, but to live in a world where they are genuinely needed.

How would you describe your perfect client?

We work not only with startups but also with established enterprises looking for a reliable contractor to solve their tasks, as well as corporate clients for whom we become a connecting link between their business goals and technological solutions. Our approach enables these companies to take on more responsibility and provides them with the confidence to achieve their ambitions, thanks to well-structured processes and deep expertise in technological solutions. We have collaborated with internationally renowned companies, including brands like Nikon, Nokian Tyres, and Gazprom.


What problems do you solve with your digital products?
Our goal is to provide solutions that effectively transform complex business processes into convenient digital tools, ensuring their reliability, accessibility, and security, whether they be medical software, delivery and service apps, social networks, geolocation services, news apps, web portals, ERP systems, or IoT applications. We strive to enhance the quality of these processes and make them more accessible and safe for all participants.

By developing software products, we focus on the ease of their integration into existing workflows and maximum automation. Ultimately, this allows our clients to reduce costs, expedite operations, and increase overall efficiency. We guarantee that with our products, companies receive not only technological innovations but also reliable pathways for development and strengthening their business.

What has been your experience working in Belgrade?

The idea for a startup was born in 2021, bringing me to Belgrade 2 years ago.

Could you share with us your favorite places in the city?
In Belgrade, I prefer starting my day with a good coffee, often ordered at Weekend Coffee. For breakfast, I usually head to my favorite café, Bloom. For lunch or dinner, I choose Comunale Caffe e Cucina, where they cook excellent tagliatelle pasta, and of course, I enjoy spending evenings with friends at the restaurant Temperament, where the atmosphere is always pleasant.

On weekends, I love visiting the National Museum, where one can enjoy art in silence. The Philharmonic is my choice for an evening with classical music, while summer festivals and fairs offer great variety for wine enthusiasts and lovers of local flair. The Museum of Contemporary Art is especially impressive on sunny days when the sunlight plays in the museum space, refracting through panoramic windows and metal structures.

When I want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, I head to Divcibare or the Tara reserve — where I find peace and recharge. These places not only offer relaxation but also inspire new ideas and endeavors, with which I return to work, filled with determination and energy.


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