katerina ternovskaja

This article was developed within the program Venture an Idea funded by the USAID.This article was developed within the program Venture an Idea funded by the USAID.


Wine expert and Owner at Jeroboam

Where do you come from, and how did you end up in Belgrade?

Originally I am from Moscow. We moved to Belgrade with my family, my husband was relocated with the company where he works.

Can you tell us something about yourself and the work you do?

I am a wine blogger and champagne expert, that is why I decided to launch Jeroboam.
And also I have a brand of professional ballet clothes for dancers.

Please tell us a bit more about your company and products you import?

Jeroboam is first Serbian company specialised in récoltants, unique Champagne and sparkling winemakers. We do import and distribution.
For the first step, we are bringing three rare producers, two from champagne: Cedric Mousse (this domaine this year is celebrating its 100th anniversary) and Remi Leroy from Cote des Bar (this sub-region is the hottest and trendiest at the moment). And our third producer is the oldest Cremant winery – Parigot.

What kind of clientele you are looking for?

Hedonists for sure and people who choose the best for themselves: best specialty coffee, fine dining restaurants, unique champagne producers instead of big brands.

What is your experience in working from Belgrade?

I worked remotely (because my first project Zidans is still in Russia), but I am happy that now I have such a connection with Belgrade and now we are influence on the process of growing the champagne direction here. There is no doubt that the worldwide champagne trend will also overtake Serbia finally 🙂


What are your favourite things to do in Belgrade?

Tasting local wine producers (impressed with the quality of red wines from Serbia), visiting nice trendy restaurants (already have my top5), walking and having fun with my son and husband.


Can you share with us some of your favourite spots in the town?

Sure! Pinot restaurant, d59B for coffee, Endorfin for lunch (non-smoking btw), Homa for late breakfast (pita with truffles is the best) and Mehuric bar of course (first champagne bar in Belgrade).

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