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If you are a parent or hosting some children, it is clear to you that they require a special kind of content. So after some ice cream, a walk in a park, and a visit to one of Belgrade's forests, you can also spend time with children by the river. Belgrade is perfectly positioned for this type of leisure activity. The confluence of the Sava and the Danube is here, and it is one of the things that make Belgrade so exciting. Here are some recommendations on how to have fun with children in Belgrade – regardless of whether you live here or are just a guest.

Belgrade Zoo is located in the Kalemegdan fortress and has existed since 1936. It is small, lovely and has the advantage (at least for the visitors) of being located in the city center. If you decide to visit the Zoo, know that two or three hours would be enough for a thorough visit, and you can continue your fun afterward in one of Kalemegdan's playgrounds.

Ada Ciganlija and Ada Safari. The Ciganlija is a Belgrade lake that you can reach by a bicycle track – from the old town and the Danube Quay, i.e., the 25 May swimming pool complex (which is, by the way, an architectural jewel that is undoubtedly worth seeing), and even more accessible from New Belgrade. Ada is a well-loved place due to the variety of activities you can enjoy. Here you can play football, tennis, golf, rugby, roller-skate, ride a bicycle, scooter… There is an artificial rock for free climbing. In addition to swimming, children also love different water sports, such as kayaking, water skiing, SUP board, etc. In Ada Safari, located immediately by Ada Ciganlija, you can find rabbits, turkeys, swans, and ducks, bringing children special joy.

Public Aquarium and Tropicarium are located in Senjak and are among the most exciting places you can visit with children. Aquarium and Tropicarium are where kids can become acquainted with many exotic water species. Here you can find different kinds of fish, lizards, spiders, turtles, rare birds, and other not-so-easily visible species. In addition to birthday parties you can organize here, each morning between 9 and 9:30, you can help feed the animals.

The Museum of Science and Technology is exceedingly oriented to the contents designed to be attractive to children. In addition to the permanent collection divided into thematic units: Man and Technology, Gallery of Toys, Science Playroom, Medical Care in Serbia through Centuries, etc., which includes the objects relevant to the development and history of these fields, a separate exhibition is dedicated to interactive exhibits that kids especially like. Apart from these permanent exhibitions, the museum holds concerts, lectures, and workshops throughout the year, so it is good to be updated about their program. You can also organize a child's birthday in the museum.

The Danube beach of Lido is a good choice for a day's activity. Whether you come from Zemun, New Belgrade, or the old part of the city, the bicycle track will unavoidably get you to the pontoon bridge that connects Lido to the mainland. Lido is only available during the season, so on days after the summer, Košutnjak is a perfect place for children who like mountain cycling, as many tracks are ideal for this type of activity.



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