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Ice cream is certainly the greatest joy for children, but for adults, it also represents a scoop of hedonism that makes life sweeter. When we say ice cream we mostly assume the traditional creamy treat. This is the most famous classic take on this dessert. However, new interpretations of this cold sweet,  begin to overshadow what we only yesterday called ice cream. The tradition is still there: vanilla, chocolate, caramel, strawberry, but the local versions of this dessert now also include kajmak cream, bacon, plum, and slivovica flavors! Lately in Belgrade, you can easily find many places serving locally made artisan dairy-based, or sorbet ice cream, offering ordinary and extraordinary flavors. Here are suggestions for some excellent artisan ice cream parlors which offer back-to-basic traditional flavors, as well as some seriously next-generation ice cream.  

Crna Ovca 

The current king of ice cream. The heart of the city and a queue that extends halfway down the street, as everyone is waiting to try twenty-odd ordinary and extraordinary flavors. At Crna Ovca, it is always crowded, in summer as well as during colder weather. The atmosphere is lively, yet pleasant staff offers you the opportunity to try all the flavors and decide on your favorite. You can also explore the flavors on their website. Let’s just say for starters – walnut, poppy, pistachio (!!!), mascarpone… Make sure you try their popsicles, it’s an unforgettable experience.  


Poslastičarnica is a nice, charming place reminiscent of some Italian films, and it is located in the city center, on Maršala Birjuzova Street. Here they serve ice cream at its finest. Creamy, traditional dairy-based ice cream, or fruit sorbet. Flavors both expected and unexpected abound here, and some of them that are especially striking include amaretto (almondy-honey ice cream), hazelnut, as well as sour cherry and poppy-seeds combo. Here you can also try homemade slivovica flavored ice cream. 

Luff Gelato

Luff is positioned at two of the city's favorite locations, in Vračar and in the Old Town. In front of this gelateria, there is also bound to be a queue, while people crowd for their portion of this highly refined ice cream. Of course, they also serve excellent coffee, and the fact that it somehow happens to be along the way wherever you go makes the winning combination for the Luff Gelato. Your pet dogs are also welcome there. Who knows, they might be even planning a new product intended for pets. 

Moritz Ice

The pioneers of artisan ice cream in Belgrade. What is really convenient is that you can find Moritz Ice in a number of different locations all around the city. Their first artisan ice cream parlor is in the vicinity of Knez Mihajlova Street, in Vuk Karadžić Street. Moritz Ice is widely respected by the locals, certainly due to their superior quality ice cream, but also the fact that they introduced the craft ice cream making concept to the country’s capital.  

Bubamara Sladoled

An ice cream parlor that transports us back to our childhood. Bubamara is located in Kosovska Street, in the very heart of the city, and it is designed as an interactive space intended for the youngest ice cream enthusiasts. It goes without saying that ice cream and picturesque interiors are loved not only by kids. Here you can enjoy simple and high-quality ice cream without some complicated underlying philosophy, or excessively complex or exotic modern flavors, perhaps disliked by some.   

As you can see, Belgrade offers ample opportunities to crown almost any stroll down its central streets with a high-quality ice treat.  

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