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Until further notice, it’s still the year 2022 which means that Novi Sad still reigns as the European Capital of Culture. As such, Serbia’s second-largest city has had a sizeable event spree for the past 9 months like the recently closed Visual Arts Week. But worry not dear digital nomads - the best stuff is yet to come.

Such as the 2022 edition of Design Week Novi Sad, for instance. Opening on September 30th, some 300 or so leading international creatives will gather for 8 days to show the world what they’ve been up to. There are a whole bunch of reasons for you to hop on the train or car or whatever and visit the SPENS Center, and here are the most obvious. 

Something for Everyone

Whatever your particular interest in applied arts, Design Week Novi Sad has got you covered. Everything from graphic design, product design, architecture, animation, photography, installation, street art, or fashion events will feature in the fest. You’ll get to see a number of exhibitions, film screenings, public lectures, musical performances, as well as kids’ programs. There are even 10 workshops announced that you can partake in if you so, please.

Malika is Coming

Malika who? Oh well, just the most emblematic name in illustration art that’s who. Malika Favre has confirmed she’ll be giving a lecture titled Me and You and Everyone We Know on October 1st. As reported, Favre will look at her career over one shoulder, revisit the creative journey and reflect on the people who helped her along.

Favre’s lecture is the only one in a large pool of audience-oriented public talks over at Design Week NS. Those by Uroš Vukotić (architectural film), Sava Živković (Animation), and Gala Borović (fashion design) have also been confirmed.

Hear the Beating of Thy Heart

Know that feeling when you suddenly become way too conscious of your heart beating? SPENS center plateau will host an immersive sound installation created by the Berlin duo Plastique Fantastique and dubbed Double Heart. Stepping into it, you’ll hear your heartbeat in either complementary or discordant rhythm to those around you. A perfect way to separate friend from foe and natural attraction from repulsion, don’t you think? Plastique Fantastique do.

Somebody Said Graffiti?

Let’s not kid ourselves, who wouldn’t wanna try their hand at graffiti and get away with it? Neither would we. Still, it’s worth knowing that one of those 10 workshops mentioned above is all about street art in general and graffiti in particular. Aleksandar Bunčić will take you through the fine art of graffiti from its conceptualization to the execution, and provide tools to improve your admirable free-hand technique. And some ammo, fingers crossed.

This is only a snippet of everything you can expect at Design Week Novi Sad open from September 30th through October 7th. Oh, and if you’re staying in Belgrade that’s no problem at all – as you probably know by now, Novi Sad is less than 100km or 60 miles or 330,000 ft away from the capital so no worries.



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