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The European Capital of Culture is the title received by one, or a couple of cities in Europe, upon which the selected cities present their own, but also their country’s rich culture, cultural heritage and cultural life for the duration of the year. The manifestation was established in 1985 by the famous Greek actress and Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri, and thus Athens was the first city to be awarded this title.  The tradition of handing over the title and organizing the related manifestations, represents a way to highlight the richness and diversity of European cultures, as well as to nurture the spirit of European unity. 

This year’s European Capital of Culture is Novi Sad. Throughout 2022, Novi Sad will be presenting itself with more than 1500 cultural events, participated in by some 4000 local, national and international artists. The program involves almost daily theatre shows, performances, exhibitions, concerts and discussions. The program is divided into eight programmatic segments and is based on the manifestation’s slogan “For New Bridges”, which presents the idea of the construction of new bridges as symbols of cultural exchange. There are four programmatic bridges named: Freedom, Rainbow, Hope and Love, and they are in turn divided into smaller program segments:  Welcome, Migrations, Future of Europe, Heroines, Fortress of Peace, The Danube Sea, Kaleidoscope of Culture and Other? Europe.  

This manifestation could be a unique opportunity for everyone to become acquainted with the rich culture, heritage and cultural life of Novi Sad. Make sure you visit this wonderful city in the vicinity of Belgrade, as it will take you a mere hour of picturesque drive, either by car, or by bus. The European Cultural Capital manifestation may become yet another reason for you to head for this part of Serbia, and experience its historical, cultural and natural wealth. 

If you are coming to Novi Sad for the EXIT festival, we suggest you visit some events within the Novi Sad 2022 manifestation. The program is available on the following link.

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