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SPLET TECH Conference

MTS Dvorana Dečanska 14, Belgrade

CONFERENCE ON INNOVATIONS AND INNOVATIVE ENTREPRENEURSHIP SPLET TECH conference focuses on the importance of multidisciplinarity and cooperation between different stakeholder groups and emphasizes their strong influence on the creation of additional value for the economy and society as a whole. Topics and specific areas of interest: AI | Data science | Med | Bio | […]

Belgradegets.digital Meetup #4

MTS Dvorana Dečanska 14, Belgrade

The SPLET tech conference will host a fourth edition of the Belgradegets.digital meetup with the topic WHY SERBIA? How attractive is Serbia as a destination for starting a business, finding collaborators or a place to work? The Global Startup Genome report offers several reasons for this, such as digital infrastructure, local culture and technology. The […]

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