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Innovate or stagnate; teamwork dreamwork; risk reaps rewards, etc.

You’ve heard all of this claptrap before. How about some real, practical information on where to go and figure stuff out?

Frustrated as we are about the lack of such comprehensive information online, we've rounded up three outstanding events that will provide value to pioneering innovators, business-savvy individuals, and digital nomads in Serbia invested in staying on top of the game.

We’ll be there, for sure.

  1. Technical Fair

First, let's get the elephant out of the room.

The International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements - or just Technical Fair for friends, has been the most prestigious tech event in the region for almost 90 years. We're talking nearly 600 exhibitors from 32 countries worldwide, bringing the latest trappings of technological advancement inside the Belgrade Fair complex.

The fair showcases the most buzz-worthy achievements in the tech arena, everything from cutting-edge industrial machinery to robotics, VR, AI, IoT, green research, and business networking. It's the grandad of all subsequent tech events in Serbia - a grandad that's looking more youthful than ever.

Venue: Belgrade Fair
Date: May 21st - May 24th

  1. Startup Weekend

Still buzzing with ideas, you can take them to Novi Sad and try them out at the next edition of Startup Weekend. It's a unique kind of event where innovations float around and get developed into bona fide business models in real-time.

Startup Weekend is realized as a collaborative exercise in business making, where teams compete to make the most of their innovative ideas. You'll learn the ropes of starting your own business, meet other creatives, and share in the innovation.

Or simply sit back and enjoy the free food, coffee, and refreshments. Your call.

Venue: Science & Technology Park
Time: May 25th – May 26th

  1. Mixer Fest

Is technological revolution the only possible revolution today?

The question is at the heart of this May's Mixer Fest, an event where innovators, artists, creatives, scientists, and amateurs gather to diagnose the world around us. Through the series of concerts, talks, exhibitions, workshops, and conversation panels, the Fest probes into the thread of contemporary living.

More than just diagnose, this year's Mixer Fest will teach you a few Micro Tactics employed to 'fix' the reality. These are practical stratagems to help us inhabit the world of today, taught to you by a wide array of individuals from the Balkans and Europe.

Venue: Dorćol Platz
Date: May 23rd – May 25th

Bonus Event: Machine Learning Conference

Further down the road and away from hubs like Belgrade and Novi Sad, the city of Subotica will host the fourth iteration of the Machine Learning Conference, one of the most definitive events on Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science. The conference will gather around 200 professionals and business leaders for the discussion on two main of the day: Generative AI and MLOps.

The conference will be held in English, and there's a special guest coming from Meta.

Venue: Inspire Group Conference Hall
Date: May 31st – June 1st


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