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In only three years, from an idea to one of the most promising Serbian startups, inloodis has become one of the participants in the Katapult accelerator program, helping startups reach global markets. 

Today, inloodis is a multidisciplinary team of  three young engineers, creative technologists, and entrepreneurs developing an AR basketball training tool that is revolutionizing coach-player communication.

How did it all start? Where did you find the true opportunity and inspiration?

The journey of  inloodis began with a shared vision among young engineers, creative technologists, and entrepreneurs in the form of Dane Blacic, Ranko Stojanovic and Marko Gojak. Our inspiration was rooted in the transformative potential of AR technology to redefine basketball training. Recognizing the limitations in traditional coach-player communication and training methods, we saw an opportunity to innovate. The idea was sparked by a desire to harness AR to create more interactive, engaging, and effective training experiences, revolutionizing the way athletes and coaches interact and learn.

What were the first steps on your journey? How much did the initial idea change during the process?

Our initial steps involved extensive research and development, focusing on understanding the needs of basketball players and coaches. We engaged with the community, gathering feedback to refine our product. We started 5 years ago with the idea of making a machine for catching and passing basketballs. After some time, we changed our way to a more advanced training solution. Feedback from users, has highlighted the need for gamification, more interactive training markers, and personalization options, which has guided our development. This iterative process led to the sophisticated AR basketball training tool we have today.

Inloodis founders at Katapul

How did you manage to test and validate your idea?

Testing and validation involved close collaboration with basketball teams and educational institutions. We conducted pilot programs and demos, incorporating real-time feedback to refine our product. The feedback from coaches Bojan Đerić, Nikola Repac and Danilo Lukić played crucial roles. This hands-on approach ensured our product not only met but exceeded the expectations of our target users, providing valuable insights for further innovation.

What is inloodis today? How does the product create value for its users?

Today, InLoodis stands as a pioneer in AR-based basketball training, offering an immersive tool that bridges the gap between physical and digital training environments. Our product creates value by offering personalized training experiences, real-time performance analytics, and interactive scenarios that mimic real-world conditions. As outlined in the suggestions for our product vision, we leverage AI and XR to enhance training efficiency, making sports training more intuitive, engaging, and effective.

How important was creating a team for your development?

Building a multidisciplinary team was crucial to our development. Each member brought unique skills and perspectives, enabling us to tackle challenges from different angles. The collaboration between engineers, technologists, and business minds fueled our innovation, driving us forward. The team's diversity fostered creativity and resilience, ensuring that inloodis could navigate the complexities of developing groundbreaking AR technology.

What was your experience with the Raising Starts program?

The Raising Starts program was a pivotal experience, providing us with the tools, resources, and network to scale our startup. It offered invaluable mentorship, exposure to industry experts, and opportunities to refine our business strategy. The support from the Serbian startup ecosystem, as highlighted in our journey, was instrumental in accelerating our growth and expanding our reach.

You had a chance to participate in one of the China Tech Fair 2023. What are your impressions, and how will it influence your further development?

Participating in the China Tech Fair 2023 was a milestone for inloodis, opening doors to international markets and collaborations. The fair was an eye-opener, showcasing global tech trends and innovations. The experience emphasized the importance of global partnerships and the potential to adapt our product for diverse markets. Moving forward, it has inspired us to explore international expansion and leverage global tech advancements to enhance our offering.

Shenzhen Hi-Tech fair, 2023, Serbian delegation

This year, are you one of the ‘’chosen’’ to take part in the Katapult accelerator program? What are your expectations?

Being chosen for the Katapult accelerator program is an honor and a testament to our potential. We expect this program to catapult our growth, offering access to a global network of mentors, investors, and tech experts. Our aim is to refine our business model, explore new markets, and secure strategic partnerships. We anticipate that the program will not only accelerate our development but also position inloodis as a leader in sports tech innovation.

What are the next steps for Inloodis?

Our next steps involve scaling our technology, expanding our market presence, and continuing to innovate. We plan to enhance our AR training tool with more personalized features and expand its applicability to other sports. Furthermore, we aim to strengthen our partnerships, explore new markets, and continuously engage with our user base to gather insights. Our ultimate goal is to establish inloodis as a staple in sports training worldwide, making advanced training accessible to athletes at all levels.

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