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As Serbia's most visited mountain resort, Zlatibor serves as an excellent repose by offering a pitch-perfect balance of natural wonders, cultural riches, and modern content. A favorite destination among tourists and digital nomads alike, it provides an unending source of exploration for attaining that elusive sweet spot between work and relaxation.

Read on to discover what makes Zlatibor a go-to destination for digital nomads in Serbia.

Accommodation of All Shapes and Sizes

One of the reasons that Zlatibor is so popular is the absolute wealth of accommodation options. There's no one-size-fits-all. On Zlatibor, you'll find 5-star luxury apartments alongside budget options that nevertheless offer everything needed for a comfy stay. The former may provide spectacular views of the mountainside and immaculate restaurants, but the latter doesn't skimp on services, either.

Zlatibor is one of those places that welcomes anyone who happens upon its gorgeous vistas, regardless of their budget.

Coworking Space That Inspires

Nested at the heart of Zlatibor's idyllic terrain is a coworking space that offers everything on a digital nomad's checklist. It sports state-of-the-art technical equipment and a lightning-fast Internet connection that allows better connectivity with colleagues and fellow professionals. The space is designed with digital nomads in mind, crafted to foster motivation and creativity essential in a modern coworking environment.

Natural Wonders on Zlatibor

Zlatibor is home to many natural wonders that - be warned, might take your breath away. Some of them include:

  • The Stopića Cave – a spectacular symphony of mesmerizing water pools, waterfalls, cave streams, and cave formations.
  • The Gostilje Waterfall – The picnic spot like no other.
  • Gold Gondola – Allows you to experience Zlatibor from a different perspective.
  • Old Village Museum – Meet the rich, different cultures that have lived in the region.
  • El Paso City – Theme Park centered around the subject of Wild West. A must-visit if there ever was any.

Likewise, Zlatibor is home to numerous viewpoints; too many to count or make a comprehensive list. Some are more accessible than others, but all yield perfect opportunities to take in Zlatibor's untamed natural beauty.

Or make a quick selfie — it's your call.

Zlatibor Activities for Adrenaline Junkies

Speaking of the untamed, Zlatibor offers plenty of activities to scratch that adrenaline itch. The adventures awaiting you on this stunning mountain resort are the following:

  • Quad Riding through uncharted trails for those unafraid of a little action.
  • Horse Riding across green, charted meadows for those irking to reconnect with nature.
  • Bike or walking trails that lead to isolated mountain tops — perfect for that brief moment of solitary peace after an hours-long upward climb.

Arts & Culture

Zlatibor is also a year-round cultural hub that rarely runs out of exhibitions. It is a place where art and culture meet for a friendly chat, attended also by cinemas and film screenings of all sorts.

Gastronomy & Night Life

Ask any Serb and they'll tell you — the food culture in Zlatibor is second to none. Courtesy of its fertile fields and natural springs, the food there abounds with local delicacies like cheese, crème cheese, and Mačkat ham. The majority of restaurants, too, serve only locally-sourced food. Likewise, nightlife is booming thanks to the numerous pubs and bars around Zlatibor that feature live music.

To reiterate, Zlatibor is one of those places where work and pleasure go hand-in-hand, offering a wholesome experience for both mind and body. Providing best-in-class accommodation, coworking space, natural beauty, culture, and a wealth of activities, Zlatibor is a complete destination for digital nomads, adventure-seekers, and nature lovers alike.


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