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Mark your calendars for May 29th + 30th, when representatives of the gaming industry from the wider region, as well as the entire Europe, will once again connect in Belgrade for knowledge transfer and insights into the future of our fast-growing sector. Organized by the SGA, more than 500 professionals will gather in Belgrade, including the representatives of the world's leading companies.

Year after year, For the Win! Conference (which presents itself as a “stakeholder/b2b event) is consistently developing and truly becoming the new meeting point for the European gaming industry. The third edition of Serbia’s largest international conference dedicated to game development awaits you on May 29th and 30th! In addition to the already traditional evening with keynote lectures at the Bitef Theater, the main program will be held in the MTS Dvorana, with many additional spin-off events, parties, and opportunities for informal networking. 

FTW! is not your usual game dev conference. Without the usual 'expo' part or the pricey tickets, the focus is primarily on the exchange of knowledge and experience, connecting all relevant actors of the industry, as well as connecting our region with European leaders. In addition to representatives of the European Game Developers Federation and Video Games Europe, the conference will be attended by prominent keynote speakers, a large number of domestic and regional industry leaders, as well as representatives of the academic sector and decision makers. Among the companies that are involved in the organization of the event and that will have their representatives in the program are Google (Gamecamp), Epic Games and 3 Lateral, Outfit7, as well as numerous other companies and organizations from the domestic and regional ecosystem of video games.

On SGA's YouTube channel you can have a look at the last year’s atmosphere, but also all three keynote lectures presented last May: phenomenal talks from Mike Sanders (VP of Creative Tech at Activision/Blizzard/King), Joe Twist (one of her

This year, for the first time, the conference has its own website at FTWCONFERENCE.COM, This is where, in early April, you can expect to find announcements of the first prominent speakers and the most important topics that will be in focus.

FOR THE WIN! conference is also unique in that it is completely free, and that you can participate only by invitation of the organizer or one of the partners. Another novelty this year is that you can now submit your application for a wild card via the conference website. If your application is approved, you will have the opportunity, like all other delegates, to follow the complete conference program for free. Applications are open for professionals from Serbia (who are not part of the SGA network), but for all those from the wider region and the entire of Europe who will recognize the value of participating in such an event.

Join the conversation about the future of local, regional and European gaming, gain new knowledge and insights and - connect with industry leaders!

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