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Quote: The technology ecosystem has so pervaded our lives that understanding its underlying patterns not only gives a competitive edge but has become something of a necessity.

If you agree with the above sentence (and don’t mind its simplistic ring), then this article is for you.

It just so happens that Heapspace, one of the region’s leading tech evangelists and the company behind the uber-popular Heapcon tech conference, announced they’d be hosting a series of Meetup events in February and March. Both events will tackle the present’s most pressing technological advancements (spoiler: AI) and take place at Nova Iskra Dorćol on February 19th and March 29th, respectively.

What is Heapspace?

Oh, nothing really, just the region’s leader in organizing high-caliber tech events, is all.

From monthly meetups and Tech Breakfasts to the annual blockbuster Heapcon international IT conference, Heapspace made it their mission to facilitate collaborations between best-in-class software educators and the IT community at large. It rides on the forefront of technological advancement and serves some of the finest selection of coffee and pastries at its events.

February Meetup: AI Winter Has Come

It’s long been coming, the AI winter. But now that it’s here, we’d better buckle up and use it to our advantage.

Heapspace February Meetup is dubbed “How we transformed hype into HAIP: AI-Forward Culture in HLV.” What hides behind the wordplay is a comprehensive survey of new AI reality and a detailed look into unique ways to harness its power. Hooloovoo’s expert lecturers will teach ways to make the most of AI in your daily travails, as well as present HAIP (short for HOOLOOVOO AI Playground), a product we won’t spoil anything about.

How to apply? Easy; no need for AI. Just click this link and follow the on-screen instructions.

March Meetup: Web Accessibility

The March event will be more focused and will center around web accessibility and all its permutations. You’ll learn everything there is to make coding and web design more inclusive. The same rules apply; click the following link to register for the event.

Further Forward - Heapcon Tech Conference

Heapspace’s bread and butter is, of course, their international Heapcon Conference for software engineers and tech businesses, taking place this November for the seventh time in an annual row. Contrasting the intimate nature of Meetup events, the Conference is a juggernaut that welcomes dozens of marquee lecturers and hundreds of visitors inside Madlenianum Hall, Belgrade.

For example, the star of the con two years ago was Dale Lane, Senior Cloud Engineer at IBM, who taught us ways to master AI from observing children experimenting with the new tech. The best art? Heapcon issued an open call to everyone who has something to share with fellow software enthusiasts.

The application form can be found on their website.

Oh, and Heapspace partners have a bunch of freelance roles open, so you might want to check them out, too. Here’s one.


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