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Don't you think that everyone is just too rational these days? Everything has to be explained and expounded in a way that it leaves very little space for mystery.

But there's one, recently opened place where the mystery is alive and well. Where the sense of wonder is embraced rather than explained away, where stories of the paranormal are just as real as you and me, and that cup of morning coffee you're sipping on without knowing that its mushy remains could foretell the future.

That place is the Museum of the Paranormal at Lomina Street, Belgrade.

What is it?

What is it, indeed.

That's the most common question you'll be asking yourself while perusing the museum's claustrophobic premises. As a whole, the museum is a gift to everyone who believes in the stories of paranormal activities and doesn't settle for an easy answer.

Inside, you'll brush up on the list of the world's most bizarre places, learn about the stories of paranormal experiences, and perhaps go through one, as well. You'll feel the magic of divination objects and discover the secrets of haunted places that have puzzled people for generations.

If so inclined, you can also take the paranormal phenomena from a scientific point of view at the museum. Study the history of human encounters with the otherworldly and our learn of attempts to codify its mystery through stories, myth, and occult practices.

What can I see?

That's the second most common question you'll be asking. There's no shortage of unnerving exhibits at the Museum of the Paranormal. Some of the more illustrious are:

Charmed Objects

All the usual suspects are here, from the haunted Barbie Doll to the grandness of the Magic Book. Some are self-explanatory in their paranormal wonder, while others take some reading. A piece of advice - however tempting it may be, don't dare touching the voodoo doll.

Virtual Fortune Teller

Don't tell me you've never had a friend read your spirit board or interpret a zodiac sign. The interactive fortune teller at the museum tops all these hodgepodge practices by being the most accurate augury mechanism anywhere in the world, like, ever.

Other Interactive Content

Besides the fortune teller, the Museum of the Paranormal features other interactive activities that we'd rather not spoil. Hint: it involves a VR headset.

That's plenty of reasons to visit the museum, don't you think?

Bonus Content

Staying true to the topic, we'd like to inform you of another equally eerie event in Belgrade this December. Titus Andronicus - William Shakespeare's first tragedy - is on view at JDP Theater and will have English subtitles.

Two other plays this month drop with English subtitles: Fires - an adaptation of Marguerite Yourcenar's eponymous prose poem, and The Glass Neck by Biljana Srbljanović.


The Glass Neck by Biljana Srbljanović, December 23rd

Fires by Marguerite Yourcenar, December 28th


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Vera December 29, 2023

Everything is very very nice BUT You don't give us complitly information about any of this happanings Is it for some specialy group or the reason is something the other

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