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This year’sSplet Tech Conference the region's biggest event for innovation and entrepreneurship, showed again why Serbia is a hotspot for businesses. 

As always, this was  a greatopportunity to embrace the Belgrade Gets Digital vision, connect with like-minded digital nomads, and engage with startup owners.

One of the highlights was a panel titled 'Why Serbia is a Good Place for Setting Up a Business,' with Blanka Šupe (Haos Community Space), Andrei Popov (Paysend), Leonard Delannoi (Tyllo), and the facilitator, Srividya Kalyanaraman.

Here's why Serbia is a promising place for new generations of entrepreneurs:

Friendly and Full of Opportunities:

Serbia stands out for its friendly people and abundant business opportunities. It's a welcoming community for entrepreneurs.


Facing Challenges:

Starting a business in a new place might seem tough, but the key is to adapt. Serbia's high quality of life and unique culture make it an exciting journey.

Diverse and Excellent:

Serbia's multicultural mix, along with its engineering legacy, provides fertile ground for businesses to succeed. Embracing diversity is important, and striving for excellence is their goal.

Navigating Bureaucracy:

Dealing with paperwork, humorously called 'papirology,' can be tricky. But Serbia has smart solutions and a helpful community for entrepreneurs.

Looking Forward:

The panelists are excited about Serbia's business potential. They hope for a government that acts swiftly to support businesses. Serbia's unique strengths make it a strong contender in the business world.

Success Stories:

Serbia's best advertisement is its success stories. A 2023 report values Serbia's IT sector at $1 billion. With a pool of talented people and attractive tax benefits, Serbia is all set to welcome businesses from around the world. Serbia aims to be known for its business smarts and success.

For more info on SPLET Tech check website.

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