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Belgrade's Summit of the Non-Aligned has come and gone, with international skaters, artists, masons, and musicians ganging up to deliver one of the most refreshing urban festivals in town.

But it did much more than just come and go. It ushered in a new season in the Independent art & culture schedule after a long summer's slumber. In the next month or so, Belgrade will come alive with events that have made its Independent and Underground scene such a staple.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, here's a quick & careless rundown of what it's got in store.

First, we have Matrijaršija Cultural Center - a one-stop solution for everyone who wants to plunge into the scene headfirst.

Self-styled as a place where 'artistic, existential and theoretical practices' are put to purpose to help hurl us uphill against the Patriarchal grain, Matrijaršija welcomes everyone who feels a certain way about social structures, 'impossible binaries, flawed or faux feminisms,' and the like. It gathers artists, art collectives, and other creatives into its uncompromising fold that sets new standards of Independent art and art making.

But more to the point, Matrijaršija has its own festival. Novo Doba (New Age) fest, on view October 4th through 10th, bringing riso, open collage, & depth drawing workshops, along with its artist-in-residence presentation. If this sounds like you, the location is Stara Kapetanija Gallery in Zemun.

Speaking of festivals, the Changeover Fest is also menacingly round the corner. It is organized by KC GRAD - a cultural center nested in an old, dilapidated warehouse on the Sava riverbank. The Center is a joint project of Belgrade and Amsterdam featuring cross-culture programs and activities such as exhibitions, debates, workshops, etc.

And festivals - like the Changeover scheduled for October 11th through 14th. Expect a plethora of progressive music performances, including but not limited to synth, wave, and post-punk esthetics. Some of the confirmed performers are the one-man band SNACKBAR the Ambassador, his contemporary Nordic electronic majesty Christian Stadsgaard, and Electronic punk duo Giant Swan.

To inaugurate the event, KC Grad is throwing a warm-up party on September 22nd with YMNK, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Jolande Bashing, and Nađa Samodurova in charge of the grooves.

This is all just grazing the subject. To fully bite into it, we'd have to mention the All Girls Street Art Festival taking place at Dorćol Platz at the turn of the month. We'd have to say that its theme would be centered around the concept of Community in the face of global problems.

We'd then have to tell you about Kvaka 22 (Catch 22) and how this quintessentially independent art space opened the new concert season last Friday with one of the region's most ascending Funk bands

The band is Nemanja, by the way.


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