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Photo: Gastrošor Facebook page

September is the cruelest month. We’re most of us back from holidays and into the city streets that get busier by the hour. Is there somewhere to take shelter from the hustle and bustle, at least until we get our bearings back?

Well, there is. 

Our picks are Silosi and Gastrošor (shore).


Take a short casual stroll from the city center, and just over a mile from Republic Square, you’ll find one of the most emblematic spaces in all of Belgrade. Silosi is a 28 meters tall, 4-silo layout on the Danube riverbank with adjoining spaces that together serve as recreational, educational, environmental, and cultural hub for the city’s progressive scene.

Founded at the spot of the first Belgrade botanical garden, Silosi has soared to become a meeting point of the emerging art scene featuring – ready? - bars, murals, DJ cranes, food trucks, loveseats, beach rest areas, urban gardens, friendly bee hives, and the Holy S#IT (Google it).

But above all, Silosi is THE place to send the coral September sun off to the other side. Ponta 011 Bar, with its deep shade and post-industrial pizazz, is a regular sunset chillout place made all the more chill by a slew of local & international DJs visiting regularly.


Not far from Silosi lies a zone self-styled as, as here we quote, the region’s first gastro park. That’s the Balkan region, presumably.

At the heart of Gastrošor is a colorful, traffic-free pedestrian street that boasts of food places left, right, and center, and where stomach distractions are the order of the day. But the whole thing is a lot more expansive, covering 300 square meters of Belgrade’s once-thriving industrial zone. Restaurants, pubs, beer gardens, patisseries, and burger places abound here, all split into suggestive compartments like Craft Gin, Chill Zone, or Bar Chill.

On occasion, Gastroshore turns into a Gastroshow with pop-up concerts, gallery shows, food trucks, and other forms of allurement vie for your attention. 

Also, Gastrošor is one of only, like, three places in town with self-serving beer taps, so yeah.


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