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Sharing career experiences, ideas, and knowledge among IT professionals, connecting candidates with tailored companies, and increasing transparency in the IT world are some of the focuses of the Joberty team, and they haven't changed.

But what has changed?

They're elevating their work to a GLOBAL level!

Starting this September, the Joberty platform, with over 100,000 users, will be available in all countries around the world, connecting programmers and IT companies across the globe. After initially positioning themselves in 6 markets within the region, they are now taking their platform to an even higher global level.

What will now be available to all users is the ability to explore reviews, jobs, companies, and salaries in the IT field beyond their own country's borders, search for remote work options within the region and globally, as well as engage in discussions within the international IT community.

Another major innovation that the Joberty team has been working on for months is the development of an AI matching employment system. Carefully designed algorithm named 'Perfect match' aims to pair candidates and companies that are a perfect fit for each other.

What does this actually mean?

Candidates will have the opportunity to thoroughly describe their profiles, preferences regarding company culture, projects, technologies, salary and benefits, work style, and their

further development. On the other hand, companies will continue to advertise positions with clearly defined skill and seniority requirements that candidates should possess. The difference now introduced by the Joberty AI system is that it will increase the likelihood of candidates finding a company that truly suits them, and companies forming even better teams.

'Sometimes our job search isn't aligned with the values we expect from a company, or it's guided by only a portion of the criteria. What we want to help with is to remind candidates during their search of what's important to pay attention to, in order to evaluate their overall work experience at a high level and to find the best company for them,' says the Joberty team. 'From now on, after users fill out their profiles on Joberty, they will receive clear recommendations for job opportunities and companies that align with their desires, not just in terms of job position and salary. Our mission is to help programmers make better career decisions, and the innovations we're introducing are another step in that direction.'

Joberty states that a perfect job might not exist, but a perfect match between candidates and companies is possible if everyone is aware of each other's expectations and possibilities. Inspired by this vision, they will strive to better recognize the needs of the IT community and each individual in it by expanding both geographical and technological boundaries.

'We want to help everyone find their place and shine in the IT industry, but there's still much to improve. Joberty is a community where your voice matters, we appreciate your support, and we hope that together we will succeed in this mission!' - says the Joberty team.

Joberty is a platform for employment and sharing experiences in the IT sector. The company was founded in 2019 and operates in 6 countries in Southeast Europe. The platform is used by more than 100,000 users and 2,000 IT companies. Joberty's mission is to help programmers make better career decisions and to help IT companies find relevant candidates for their job positions.

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