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So, you've got time on your hands, but hardly enough for a capital H Holiday. You've done the customary strolls along Kalemegdan, mastered Skadarlija's Bohemian lifestyle, patrolled Belgrade's historic streets, and explored the city's eerily inviting undergrounds.

In a word, you've done it all.

In that case, may we appeal to your more adventurist side and suggest expanding beyond the attraction of big cities, diverting your attention towards the outer realms? Or, to put it bluntly, recommend several few days trips you can take without breaking the proverbial bank?

We'll take it as a yes. Here goes.

  1. Cruise the Danube with a Roman Twist

Since time immemorial, taking a cruise along the Danube has been the most picturesque way to spend a day or two. Indeed, the Serbian side of the Djerdap Gorge boasts mesmerizing vistas lined with points of interest on both sides of the bank.

There's the charming Golubac Fortress, the Medieval Ram Fortress, and the imposing Miroc mountain, but here we take a more thematic turn towards Roman history.

Great river as it is, the Danube is dripping with ancient ruins, archeological sites, and other X-s on the map. Entering the gorge, you can witness the iconic Tabula Traiana – an inscription left by the famed Roman emperor to mark his adventurous conquests.

Another point of interest is the Lederata archeological site. It yields remains of a 1st-century Roman stronghold that was open for business for centuries afterward.

And that's just scratching the surface.

  1. Explore The Serbian Southwest

For a large chunk of time in the past, the country's more western parts didn't get the tourist love they deserved. Not so anymore.

The starting point of such a tour could be Mount Zlatibor and nearby Zlatar, the former for the sheer abundance of activities on offer and the latter for its unrivaled natural beauties. On Zlatibor alone, you can hike, ride horses, rent a quad, enjoy the newly built Panoramic Wheel, or explore numerous lakes & caves on and around the mountain.

While there or thereabouts, you ought to pay a visit to the Uvac River Canyon, a scintillating nature reserve and home to the rare Griffon Vulture. Take a ranger ride to the top of the canyon, or take a boat ride through its meandering curves, stopping shortly for the Ice Cave visit.

And that's not to mention taking a Superman zip-line from the Uzice Castle. Do that, too.

  1. The Resava County

If, however, you're in the mood for slightly off-the-beaten-path two or three days, by all means, head over to the Resava county in the Serbian Southeast. It's a charming little patch of land filled with unique, mesmerizing locations strewn on all four.

The best bet is to book a stay in the city of Despotovac and take things from there. Your first obligatory stop should be the 15th-century Manasija Monastery, with its majestic towers enclosing the main edifice.

Then, take an hour's ride towards Lisine – a pristine natural repose and home to one of the biggest waterfalls in the country. While there, do not pass a visit to the Resava Cave, an 80-million-year-old wonder full of sights to behold.

Oh, and one more thing. At the tail end of August, the city is host to a distinctive kind of festival. Just Out Fest – as it is titled - welcomes modern-day knights from all over the world for several days' worth of singing, camping, mingling, and fighting in medieval-style tournaments.

All these destinations are fully explorable on your own. However, should you prefer a more organized outing, there are plenty of options out there.

Part II coming soon.


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