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June is slowly rolling, and although there's more rain than we might have hoped for, it doesn't prevent all the open-air action planned for the month. And there's plenty of it to go around, from movie weeks to dog fests.

Without much ado, let's break down a couple of upcoming events in Belgrade, shall we?

Book Night

The first to come around is the 2023 Book Night. Its current, 28th iteration will have scores of people buzzing around town in search of The.Next.Bookshop to scour for discounts. It's not quite on the same hype level as the Book Fair, but expect to see decent numbers carrying book-full bags along.

You can either prep a lit wish list and go on a city-wide book hunt or just wing it as many of us do. There are several big-time bookshops that feature books in English and other languages, so do check them out.

The Book Night takes place from June 9th to 11th.

Kalemegdan Open Gates

Running parallel (and corollary) to the Book Night is a multidisciplinary program at Belgrade's landmark fortress, Kalemegdan. During four days and in several locations across the fort, you can witness or take part in all sorts of activities.

Expect things like poetry eves, book readings, a number of activities for children, a Chopin concert, and even a competition for the dog pic of the year.

Dog Fest

Which brings us to the arguably most anticipated event of June. From the 16th to the 18th, also at Kalemegdan Fort, four-legged mammals will take over its hallowed walls. Belgrade Dog Fest will host hundreds of canines in this uniquely dog-forward event.

Expect all sorts of dog breeds, dog whisperers, pet shops, and even a patisserie for dogs. Some of the activities confirmed for the fest are dog handling, on-site grooming, and a Temptation competition - AKA dogs and their owners presenting their learned bag of tricks.

The fest is big on providing housing for some of the more hapless animals, as well. Last June, twenty dogs, and four cats found a new home.

Open-Air French Cinema

For the fifth time running, Belgrade presents the French Movie Fest from June 14th to 18th. It will take the form of open-air screenings across several locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš.

The fest follows up on the weeks of Austrian and Romanian movies. With ten films, several of which debuted at this year's Festival in Cannes, visitors will get to meet France and French culture at its most cinematic.

Krokodil Fest

To round the circle, we give you the 15th edition of Krokodil Fest – one of the most comprehensive events where visual artists, writers, thinkers, musicians, and other creatives converge. The title of the 2023 edition is Freedom Spaces, and it will tackle the question of violence in all its manifestations.

Taking place outside the Yugoslavia Museum from June 15th to 18th, the fest will be split into four zones: POP, Debate, and Gaming zone for the kids. Most of the program will unravel in the adjoining park, so remember to bring a blanket with you; everyone else will.

That wraps up June for the next however many days. See you!


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