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A word of advice: try not to have Burek for breakfast anywhere between June 2nd and June 4th.

It might get you stuffed and ill-prepared for what's coming between 1 pm and 11 pm during those three fateful days.

What's coming? – a voice from the audience. Why, it's the 2023 Street Food Festival - the very juiciest local & international cuisine prepared right on the spot, just for you.

Well, you and thousands of other people coming to the Danube Quai in Zemun.

Tens of restaurants have confirmed their presence at the festival. We can't list them all, but what we can do is make a couple of mentions as convenient points of reference. Voila.

Pizza Place

It's a public secret that the Bosiljak restaurant will be there. They boast of true Napolitano pizza flavor, prepared by traditional, authentically Italian recipes. The thing with this restaurant is the freshest of basil (Bosliljak translates as basil), so if the fresh ingredients of Italian-style pizza wet your particular whistles, give it a munchy go.

Dumplings or Knödel?

On to the dumplings, and on to the knödel.

If you're a fan of Chinese-style dumplings, then look no further than the Oh Dumplings stand at the Fest. They're legit, handmade, and they are sure to surprise your palate in more ways than one.

Sweet-toothers, however, should head straight to Ferdinand Knedle. It's THE place for Austrian-style knödel in the city. Try the raspberry sweet cheese.


Sushi or Burrito?

How about Sushirrito?

Yup, at the Sushirrito restaurant stand, you can try a unique blend of traditional Chinese and Mexican foods. Even if you're not a fan of either, their trademark sushirritos are more than the sum of their parts. But, if you prefer staying on this side of the traditional, Sushi Factory can scratch that Chinese food itch.

Just as Burger Bar will do the same for burgers.

Final Say

Take the restaurants listed above with a grain of salt; They are mere suggestions, not recommendations. In the end, your nose will have the final say.

Therefore, light breakfast, light pair of shoes, and let the nose lead the way.

P.S. Let's Cook Together

A bonus section at this year's Street Food Festival is Let's Cook Together, whereby you can present your own dish to the fest-goers. Anyone with even a moderate pan know-how can give it a swirl.

Applications are open!


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