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Apart from their capital city status, famed river banks, and fine architecture, what do Belgrade and Amsterdam have in common?

Well, glad you asked. Courtesy of Gallery DOTS and fine people from both cities, they now have a shared future together, laid out by up-and-coming artists from the two countries.


In collaboration with Josilda da ConceiĆ§Ć£o Gallery in Amsterdam, Gallery DOTS in Dorcol is staging a group exhibition imagined as an artistic dialogue between the two cultural metropolises.

Eight talented artists take part in two twin shows - one in Belgrade and one later in Amsterdam - and bring their individual pieces to the keen eyes of local audiences and abroad. The Serbian roster consists of artists Bogdan Djukanović, Lena Milovanović, Lazar Stojić, and Vanja Subotić, while their Dutch peers include Juliet Aaltonen, Kaspar Dejong, Ruben Raven, and Joppe Venema.

The idea is to match young, emerging artists from different social, political, and geological realia and help them inspire one another for the benefit of their creative development. The works on display have a clear contemporary ring to them. From pixel art to more abstract canvasses, they offer a uniquely modern vision of the world experienced by artists in the making.

For many participating artists, CONNECTING THE FUTURE presents their first outing outside the country's borders. Exposing their craft to new audiences will help them understand and refine it further.

The show is open from March 9th until mid-May.

Young Art Program

The Serbian side of the show is organized by DOTS non-profit as part of its fledgling Young Art Program. The program engages talented young individuals by providing the platform for their education and professional development, as well as promoting their art.

They're always ahead of the curve, so do check out every now and then what new project they're cooking up.



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