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TMRW is the biggest Crypto, NFT, and Metaverse conference in Europe and beyond. Last spring, TMRW created an unforgettable and unique experience in Belgrade with 20,000 crypto enthusiasts from more than 100 countries, and this year Dubai hosted TMRW with the speakers and topics from the field of blockchain, AI, machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

We had a chance to speak to Zoran Tadić, director of the TMRW and got to know first-hand what the audience can expect from Belgrade's second edition of the conference planned for May 12-14

Can you tell us about this year's focus and topics?

This year we are continuing to follow the mission and the vision of TMRW to straighten the connections between different tech hubs around the world. Last February in Dubai we had a slight shift in our focus as we realized the need to help the community to better understand the technology behind artificial intelligence, gaming, robotics and nano/biotech and I believe the audience really accepted our approach. This time for Belgrade we are going even further, but I will not share everything just yet. Some things should be left as an element of surprise.

What names and experts will be presenting in Belgrade this May?

So, we have decided to go with the approach of mixture of expertise and popularity, especially when it comes to more advanced technologies. Among some of our headliners we have Ian Halperin, #1 NY Times bestselling author and an award-winning film director. Erwin Voloder, a former economist with both the European Commission and European Central Bank, then we have Dr. Christina Yan Zhang, who is a pioneer in the metaverse. She started her master’s research on the topic in 2006 using metaverse to develop international strategies for universities. In 2012, she completed a PhD in using digital twin services in the metaverse to simulate projects in the AEC industry. Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni is a Strategic Advisor at Digital Dubai. He is also a founding member of Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) and Artificial Intelligence Ethical Committee. These are only some of the experts that will show their appearance at TMRW Belgrade, but we have more surprises to come soon.

When it comes to our regional experts, we have Aleksandar Matanovic, cofounder of ECD, the first Serbian crypto regulated exchange, Dr MS Phd Emilija Vukovic, who is the president of the Serbian Blockchain Initiative and General Manager of Supercluster for Web3&Blockchain technologies, then we have Vladimir Djukanovic, who was a partner in Cirsio Capital LLC, a $250 million investment firm based in London. Before that he was a head trader for John Levin & Co. Europe, a New York based investment fund with over $11 billion under management.

Who are you personally looking forward to hearing on the program this year?

If I’m speaking for myself, personally I’d love to hear some of the government representatives discussing the strategic approach to developing the emerging tech. This year Serbian Prime minister Ana Brnabic will share the stance of Serbian government and unlock the full potential that Serbian government can support with different initiatives throughout the tech sector. This will be followed up by other government representatives from the region but also the rest of the world, all together forming a tighter connection in order to build a vision for the next several decades to come. And this is extremely important, as Europe is falling behind the Middle East when it comes to these strategic projects.

What should we expect from the conference's additional programs and so-called side activities?

We have prepared something really unique for this edition in Belgrade, starting with the pre-event which will take place the evening before the conference kick off date. Lafayette is one of the best nightclub venues in this part of Europe and we hope to gather some of the most influential people within the industry there, but also others who are interested in having some more casual time to get introduced to the world’s brightest minds. On the first evening of the conference, we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s most famous DJs – Paul Kalkbrenner with his outstanding performance which gathers music lovers from all over the world. Note to mention that the initial batch of tickets just for his performance has been sold out within a couple of hours, so this actually shows what astounding name we’re having right here in Belgrade, the capitol of Europe’s night life. Our VIP dinner will be held at Buddha Bar just like last year, and our expectations is that around 400 people will be there to kick off with some world’s greatest ideas and projects in their formation.

During the conference we’ll have keynotes, panel talks, fireside chats and podcast style interviews which we’ll utilize for the main format of the conference. It’s definitely going to be a blast.

How to get tickets, and what if visitors can't be in Belgrade at the time?

Tickets can be purchased through our website (www.tmrwconf.net) and we have different options for different interests – from regular tickets, to VIP and Platinum, tailored for every person’s preference. We also support those who aren’t capable of joining us in person, and that’s why we have virtual tickets that can also be purchased through the website. It’s worthy to note that every day, through our partner Beatport, we’ll be streaming certain keynotes or panel discussions for everyone, just to be able to feel the atmosphere and experience the TMRW in it’s true form.

What are the plans for the future of TMRW?

TMRW is heading in the same direction as ever – our goal is to be recognized as the ONE, the best conference platform in the world covering emerging tech and all revolving industries around it. We don’t aim to be “just another conference” out there, we want to educate, innovate and support global initiatives of digital transformation. And just like the technology isn’t stopping, neither are we. Building a better future for everyone is our ultimate goal.

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