This article was developed within the program Venture an Idea funded by the USAID.


Second year in a row, the 'Digital Serbia' Initiative is bringing this comprehensive report on the state of the domestic startup ecosystem, with the idea to understand the specifics and characteristics of it and provide useful information to everyone who is interested in startups and can contribute to their development — from corporations, through the public sector and international institutions, to the entrepreneurs themselves.

Startup scanner focused on various topics such as: what are the main characteristics of startup founders in terms of education, experience and gender; what is their speed of growth compared to more traditional and less innovative companies, what are the characteristics that distinguish them in terms of technology, sector, market and location, etc. Also, this research deals with the issue of financing startups, i.e. how they are financed through grants, investments, loans, business angels or are they still self-financed.

The significance of this document lies in the overview of trends and tendencies that exist in the ecosystem. On the other hand, the report indicates the key problems and shortcomings of the ecosystem, the recognition of which can facilitate and encourage the creation of activities and projects to improve and solve the identified problems.

This Startup scanner is available on the following LINK.


This program is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents of this program are the responsibility of Nova Iskra and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

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