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The world ended on a sunny day - or so the folk from the Demagog Studio, the creators of Highwater, would have us believe.

Highwater is an upcoming, post-apocalyptic story-driven adventure game and the first Serbian title to come to the Netflix Games. It is a follow-up (a prequel, actually) on the studio's buzz-worthy debut titled Golf Club: Wasteland, only bigger, more ambitious, and visually more stunning.

The What and Where

Welcome to the Alphaville, a fictional dystopian buffer zone where the privileged are decidedly oblivious to the horrors happening outside its protected enclosure. But the grim post-Climate Catastrophe reality soon catches up.

When the comparably prosperous Alphaville cuts what little aid it provided to the outer regions, the backwater insurgents come flooding into the wall-protected buffer zone and start giving the local Alphavillians trouble.

That is until the locals themselves hear rumors floating around that the Alphaville 1% are trying to flee the Planet and move to the more inhabitable Mars. At which point, all hell breaks loose.

The Who

This is the backstory against which Highwater plunges you into the depths of its dazzling, hand-painted world. You play as young Nikos, a teenage orphan swayed by the interstellar rumors and trying to sneak into a Mars-bound rocket.

During the course of this 3D adventure, you'll meet hundreds of characters, navigate the environment freely, and talk, swim, boat ride, or fight your way through the flooded and unflooded areas of the Blue Planet. The turn-based combat allows for much creativity and careful consideration, while the visually-gripping world design simply begs to be explored.

The When

Other than the proverbial very soon, we don't have a definitive Highwater launch date. The contract is signed, and we can expect it on Netflix any week now. After that, Highwater will be landing on Steam.

Beyond Highwater

If you're into indie titles and want something to keep you busy until Highwater comes out, check out the aforementioned Golf Club: Wasteland.

It is Demagog Studio's acclaimed first-timer that's picked up the 8s and the 9s from several reputable game review sites. In it, the Earth has become a glorified golf course for the super-rich on Mars, and you play the noble sport through its atmospheric wrecks. To quote the Games Machine – “It's a gem.”


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