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It’s too distracting, isn’t it, strolling the streets of Belgrade and not stopping to have a bite of its varied street food. Yeah, we know, there’s a lot healthier foods to be found out and about, but sometimes you just want a piece of something tasty without too much hassle.


Luckily, Belgrade is beaming with neon signs calling you to try this or that street specialty. Likewise, the standard levels in terms of price and quality are generally high (there are a few duds, as everywhere), so pick anything that suits your fancy on occasion.


Nevertheless, to help you narrow down the choice (and avoid the duds), we’ve rounded up a couple of bespoke street food places you might want to check out.




The single most useful street food resources in Belgrade are bakeries. You’ll find pastries of all sizes and looks inside. And not just pastries; some bakeries here sport readymade meals you can either take away or eat inside. a great example of this is Skroz Dobra, found all over the city.


The most wholesome bakery advice is to try a Burek pie if you haven’t already. An excellent choice for a traditional Burek is Kirćanski bakery, while the more modern version can be had at Trpković bakery.


Seasonal Food


Belgrade isn’t much of a destination where you can readily buy food on the street per se. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and they depend on the season. In the wintertime, the pedestrian zone will most likely smell of roasted chestnuts (recommended), roasted corn, popcorn, and Chimney cake which is a little more on the expensive side but most certainly worth a try.


Pizza Places


Belgrade is big on pizza. Street pizza places abound throughout the city, each having its own little take on the theme. The most popular variation is that of the Bucko pizza place (translates as “fat-boy”), where oft you’d see a line of people waiting to be served their unique and luxurious sauces.


Another good place is Majstor & Margarita, albeit on a different side of the esthetic spectrum. Their pizza is more of the Italian sort, with fresh veggies and unmatched variety.




Pancakes are no different; almost every street food restaurant has them, even those that specialize in some other area. But try as one might, it’s challenging to find a better pancake place than the Glumac restaurant (Serbian for “actor”). It’s a tiny place, too, so count yourself lucky if you find a seat during rush hour. But if you just want a good old pancake without much worry, the Trg (Serbian for “square”) is a good choice. Though it can get crowded there, too.  


Meat, meat, everywhere


No compilation of Street food in Belgrade is ever complete without a mention of how much meat is eaten in the city daily. Serbs love their meat specialties in all forms and sizes, the most popular of which are ćevapi (meat fingers) and pljeskavica (Serbian burger) – both made using high-caliber minced pork and beef. The traditional meat places can be found wherever you look, and they’re generally all good. Plus, you can take your pljeskavica on the go. If hard-pressed to choose, Duomo would be one place to have a great, traditional, craft burger. 

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