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It’s that time of year again when joint smells of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts ooze the air around Belgrade’s pedestrian zone. They herald in the festive season, taking over the better part of December and January to culminate during the New Year’s Eve celebration.

As in the previous years, starting from mid-December, the city morphs into one big shiny merrymaking hub with concerts, carnivals, caravans, and festivities all around. The working title of this transformation is Belgrade Winter 2022/23, and here’s what it brings to the table.


Got to start somewhere. This winter, the city’s concert scene goes above and beyond the usual stuff to spotlight the variety of styles and genres to fit even the most distinguished of tastes.

Pop & Rock fans needn’t worry, as Serbia’s popular genre performers will gather at the Museum of Contemporary Art plateau come December 30th. Just as classical music aficionados can enjoy exquisite pieces on December 31st inside the Kolarac Concert Hall.

Christmas Village

Music aside, the Belgrade Winter features several traditional Christmas and New Yeary venues. One such is the Christmas Village, located near the Contemporary Art Museum. Think of it as a pop-up performance space where musicians (!), dancers, magicians, and their brethren will have a field day from January 4th to 20th. Wooden cabins, Christmas treats, and all that.

Oh, and not far from it, Belgrade has built a monumental ice-skating rink. It will stay frosty up until January 20th.

Fairytale Square

Not forgetting the young ones, the Belgrade Winter will repurpose the Vuk Theatre Square into a bona fide fantasy world, with at least one fairy tale performance taking place every day until the year runs through. Most of them are traditional Serbian tales performed in either spoken word, children’s operas, or pro-level puppet shows. On top of that, the venue will showcase traditional Serbian crafts and handmade items, bringing together the magic of storytelling and the joy of creation.

Oh, and dinosaurs, too.

The Street of Open Heart

But all of these are either fore- or afterthought for what comes on January 1st, noonday. On that fated hour, the people of Belgrade and their honored guests will gather to walk the walk in celebration of humanity and togetherness. Acrobats, magicians, jugglers, and their ilk will join in to make it a spectacular little stroll.

And all this is barely scratching the surface of the subject. For instance, we haven’t spoken about plays or movie screenings during Belgrade Winter nor touched on the open-air program slated for New Year’s Eve. But never mind, it leaves more room for surprises.

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