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Walking the streets of Belgrade, you can't help but notice the city's bustling street art scene. Everywhere you look - buildings, bridges, tunnels, or sewer plates - there's an art piece to two that dazzles with its colors, inventiveness, or sheer urban oomph.

From football fan graffiti to monumental murals, each piece tells its little story that, taken together, participates in the larger narrative of the city on two rivers. One group that forms an integral part of this narrative is Street Art Belgrade. It is a non-profit organization involved in producing, promoting, and safeguarding Belgrade's fascinating story in this most democratic art form.

Street Art for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Producing first.

Street Art Belgrade is behind several esthetic and inclusive projects contributing to the city's appeal. The latest and most inclusive of them is the Art in Passing project, where the SAB set up a series of eight 3D murals tailored for the blind and the partially sighted.

The murals are scattered to the fitting locations across the city and designed to be sensitive to their heightened sense of touch. Further, each mural is accompanied by the corresponding description in Braille and the educational program on the history of street art in Belgrade.

Open-Air Walking Street Art Tours

Besides helping produce street art, the non-profit is also active in promoting it. Every once in a while, the SAB organizes walking tours led by art historians and people from the organization. Taking you out to see the most memorable graffiti, murals, and spray paint that Belgrade has to offer, the tours will teach you a thing or two about the history & significance of street here in Serbia.

The tours take 150 minutes from start to finish, and you'll end up enlightened afterward. Guaranteed.

P.S. There is a V.R. exhibition of Belgrade's most iconic street art pieces. Sure, check it out, but our advice is to take it only as a preview of the real thing.

Street Art Belgrade SRB-ENG, SRB-FR

One of Street Art Belgrade's most enduring missions is to safeguard the city's murals and graffiti from the tooth of time (or memory). One way to do that is to publish a book. Street Art Belgrade SRB-ENG is just such a book where you can explore some 550 images of the city's most eye-worthy street art. Perusing its pages, you'll also meet Belgrade's emblematic street artists like Artez, Junk, Rage, or TKV.

It's dual language, too, so no worries there.


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