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Zemun is a part of Belgrade, near the confluence of the Sava into the Danube, and is a special place with its distinct spirit. Zemun includes a long promenade, Zemun Park, Gardoš Tower, taverns on the riverbank, narrow cobbled streets… Zemun is a town within Belgrade, a geographic and historical point of interest, and the center of the world for its inhabitants, i.e., if you are in Zemun, you practically needn’t ever go to downtown Belgrade. We compiled a short list of the places that should not be missed in Zemun if your path takes you there. A longish walk is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the authentic and well-preserved architecture that would make you feel like you are in an old movie.

Zemun Quay (in Serbian Zemunski kej, officially the Quay of Liberation) is a promenade along the bank of the Danube, in the vicinity of the confluence of the Sava into the Danube. This promenade is an oasis sufficiently isolated from the city’s tumult yet characterized by its unique kind of liveliness. The Zemun Quay has been famous for years now for the large flocks of swans you can see there. The Quay is also well-known for its many traditional taverns and restaurants where you can eat fresh river fish. The Quay offers everything you might need during a pleasant stroll – peace, a natural environment, and places where you can take a break and freshen up.

Zemun Park is one of the favorite parks of all Belgrade locals and the park that the inhabitants of Zemun are incredibly proud of. It abounds in trees planted before many a decade, lending the park its unique atmosphere. We recommend that you head to Zemun Park on a bicycle, take with you a good book and spend a part of your day in this fairytale-like environment. A grammar school and two churches – one Orthodox and the other Catholic – are located in the park.

Gardoš Tower and Zemun Graveyard. The Gardoš Tower used to be a fortress and is the oldest structure in Zemun. The tower is reached by stairs along the cobbled slope, and once you get there, there is a lovely viewpoint waiting. The Gardoš Tower is an essential spot for Zemun and the entire Belgrade. In the vicinity of the tower, there is a graveyard. The Zemun Graveyard represents an ambient landmark and contributes to the Gothic atmosphere of the entire neighborhood.

The Great War Island is a true intact natural oasis. The Island is rich in flora and fauna, and there you can encounter foxes and many hedgehogs. The Island is the home of many protected bird species while also being a temporary habitat for some birds since it is located on their seasonal North-South migration route. The beach of Lido, also located on the Island, is the favorite shelter from the summer heat for many residents of Belgrade, especially those from Zemun and New Belgrade.

The Church of Saint Nicholas is immediately below the Gardoš Tower and represents the oldest Orthodox church in Zemun. It was erected in place of an ancient thatched church. The Church of Saint Nicholas represents a cultural monument and immobile cultural heritage. It was built in the Baroque style with an opulent iconostasis, illustrating the most famous example of the early 18th-century baroque-style iconostasis in these parts.

Zemun Flea Market is a notable landmark and a “mythical” site. Visiting this market is bound to be an unforgettable experience. One should come here early Sunday morning, before 8 o’clock. The Zemun Flea Market is where all imaginable is sold – books, furniture, clothes, dishware… The atmosphere here is so specific that it resists words. If you are a vintage fan and wish to become acquainted with the authentic atmosphere of this neighborhood, we strongly recommend that you head to the Zemun Flea Market.

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