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Blessed with a balmy subtropical climate, the Serbian capital is a city where temperature spikes aren't too dramatic year-round. Sure, it can get quite cold in the winter, but more often than not, you'll be okay spending time outdoors in Belgrade. And particularly if you're into sports. Because of its mild climate, Belgrade has developed a substantial outdoor sports culture virtually 24/7. There are plenty of open-air sports locations and recreation centers where you can jog, play tennis, swim, or exercise like there's no tomorrow.

So, to help fellow digital professionals sweat it out, we've rounded up 5 of these locations found all over the city. By the end of the article, you'll learn their names, their offerings, who they are for, and the kind of vibes they give off. So stay put.

1. Tašmajdan Park
If you're a digital nomad staying anywhere near the city center and value your time above anything, Tašmajdan park is your best bet among outdoor sports locations in Belgrade. Its biggest draw might be the towering St. Mark Church in the background, but the city's most
popular outdoor swimming pool is slightly hidden from plain sight, boasting up to 10m diving platform for those inclined. Moreover, the park is a popular jogging and open-air gym destination, even during late hours.

Vibe: snazzy. Pro tip: call it 'Tash' to be on the safe side of cool.

2. Olimp Sports Center
Some 5km away from the city center, an outdoor sports hub might easily pass as Tash 2.0.
Indeed, the Olimp Sports Center turns up a couple of notches regarding the number of activities you can do. There's an outdoor swimming pool, open-air gym, a professional jogging track, plus several pro-level basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. Although you can certainly go lightweight, many of them do spell professionalism. Basically, you come to Olimp if you mean business.

Vibe: Pro. Pro tip: Gear up. Also, bring food since there are very few restaurants in and around the Olimp.

3. Košutnjak Forest
Away from the city hustle lies the scenic Košutnjak forest. It's the most significant green residential area in Belgrade, and its outdoor sports offering more than reflects that status. Numerous football fields, tennis, basketball, volleyball, or handball courts await you along the Košutnjak fitness trail, as do many outdoor fitness stations, plenty of running tracks, as many as 5 outdoor swimming pools, and yes, a ski track. It might not number as a sport, but the place is also a trendy picnic destination at any time of year.

Vibe: Green. Pro tip: bring stuff because you'll be there all day.

4. Ada Ciganlija
Ada is Belgrade's most popular water sports destination during hot summer days, but that's hardly the main reason it made a little list here. The reason - you've guessed it – is padel. For the uninitiated, padel is a tennis/squash/badminton-Esque 4-people racket sport quickly gaining ground as one of the most popular newfangled sports in the world. Ada has 4 padel courts to go with your usual bike & jogging tracks, open-air gyms, and the like.

Vibe: progressive. Pro tip: you don't have to know the rules of padel to play it; no one in Serbia does.

5. The Sava Promenade
This brings us to our last entry on the list. If you're the kind who appreciates a view while sweating it, then perhaps the Sava promenade is the right option. It might not offer as many activities as our previous outdoor sports locations in Belgrade, but what it provides, it does so in style. Take a stroll, jog, or ride a bike along the miles-long promenade lined with the most beautiful vistas of the Sava River.
Additionally, there's a host of playgrounds equipped with machinery we're not entirely certain how to use, but they sure look experiment-worthy.

Vibe: chill. Pro tip: Do not assume that bike tracks are reserved only for bikes.

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