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Imagine a small island overgrown with trees and flowers, without electricity and (up until recently) drinking water, encircled by a walking path and a beach. An island with stilt houses and small rafts. An island but one kilometer in length and just ten minutes away from the city center. Imagine this little paradise. Well, such an island exists, and it is called Ada Međica.

Ada Međica (derived from the word međa, meaning a border) is a river island, a cultivated jewel, and a pure city treasure located on the river Sava. The island is nestled between Ada Ciganlija and New Belgrade, and it has neither a road nor a bridge leading to it – you can only reach it by boat from Ada Ciganlija. Ada Međica is a place without cars and crowds, cut across and encircled by many walking paths. This place is so well hidden that there are even many Belgrade locals who have never visited it, while those who have, treasure it as their secret.

Ada Medjica Belgrade

Međica is an oasis – a green island overgrown with woods and flowers. The only structures there are stilt houses, rafts, and pontoons. The atmosphere on the island is homey, and you can borrow a table or some chairs; it is only crucial that you take your litter with you. However, even if you don’t have your own home, you are welcome there. There are a couple of freshwater fountains on the island and two restaurants, i.e., some tables grouped in the woods where you can have something to eat. In this part of the Sava, the water is perfectly clear, transparent, and safe for swimming. The water flora and fauna are diverse, and it is a wonder that this small ecosystem can be found practically in the city. In addition to various plants, the island is home to different animal species. One of the most prominent is this island’s protected species of gray heron.

People started populating this island in the 1960s, and the first built structure was a tree house. An interesting fact is that the owners of Međica houses founded the Association of the Sava and the Danube Lovers and have organized a swimming marathon race for a couple of years around the island. Go visit Međica; we guarantee you won’t believe such a place can be found in the city’s heart!

Ada Medjica City Paradise

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