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There is a place in Belgrade for the real hedonists called Lafayette. If you are looking for somewhere you’ll get dinner and a show, similar to Moulin Rouge in Paris, you found the right place in the heart of Belgrade nightlife.

This unique experience is located in Beton Hala, near the Sava river. 

The dress code is elegant and chic, so dress to impress. 

A variety of tastes are available at your service. The menu that is prepared by the finest chefs is focused on French and Asian cuisine. Sushi, steak, and cheese lovers are all covered. Also, the kitchen prepares vegan and gluten-free options. The kitchen is open from 10 am to 12 pm. It is advised to follow up the food with a bottle of champagne. If you feel more up for a cocktail, a mixologist will think of something that will suit your taste. 

The show is based on cabaret culture. The performances that await you are curated in musical and dancing acts performed by a carefully chosen group of dancers, actors, and singers. Sometimes, dancers and actors break the fourth wall and merge with the audience. Singers can give you goosebumps, be prepared for that.

Lafayette Cabaret

Photo by Nađa Pavlović

After the show, DJ gets on the stage and takes over with a party. A music genre is a mix of everything, old and new. Do not hesitate to sing along. There is a Greek dance followed by a fire performance. The music and the ambiance will make you let go and dance. This event is one of a kind. It is a great way to get to know Belgrade's nightlife culture.

Service is particularly thoughtful, so you are taken care of. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are living in a movie. Details determine how the bigger picture will look, and Lafayette cares the most about the little things. Everything is intentionally chosen, from the beautiful minimalistic chandlers to charming silverware.  

Walk-ins are not accepted. Plan ahead and make a reservation. This magical place is a little bit expensive, but the memories you will make will be priceless. 

Cabaret Belgrade

Photo by Nađa Pavlović

By Nađa Pavlović

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