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Belgrade indeed has many places where you can buy various delicious delicatessen food from all parts of France, Italy, Spain, and Argentina. Delis are really convenient as you have French cheese and fantastic olives, fine Chilean wine and superior-quality Italian prosciutto and always something sweet – jars of different jams and preserves – all at the same place. Some of these shops are also food bars, so after your lunch or dinner, you can take something home with you. These are great places when you shop for gifts – because, really, what can be a better gift than some Cullatelo or Iberica ham, mozzarella Burrata, or a jar of olives from Puglia… It is good to know that many of these shops offer the service of organized catering. We offer you just a couple of suggestions. 

Just by the Kalenić farmers’ market, you can find the Puter Deli and Delights restaurant and delicatessen serving and selling French delicacies. Just a couple of steps away, in Kursulina Street, there is the Naša Priča deli, mainly oriented toward Italian food and wine, while early in the morning, you can also find croissants and bread there. Sallumeria Menatti, located in Svetozara Markovića Street, near Slavija, is full of different delicious treats – Italian, French, Spanish…

At Topličin Venac, in the immediate vicinity of Knez Mihajlova Street, there is a large deli (and restaurant) Supermarket, offering a huge selection of worldwide delicacies.

Also at Topličin Venac, there is a shop named Kod Francuza, selling French cheese and wine only. Jevremova Street has its Eatalian Food Bar and Deli, while just steps away, in Jovanova Street, the Gradski Deli offers a selection of fresh baked goods, cheese, wine, beer and other types of superior-quality delicatessen food. 

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