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Cetinjska is a small district in the city center at Cetinjska Street no. 15, where what was once a brewery with its vast parking lot is now home to various cafés, bars, galleries, and clubs. The location is well-liked, though it does not actually have mass appeal, as the crowd it gathers is quite an alternative.

ZAOKRET was the first café opened in Cetinjska, where you can sit with your laptop and study for your exam or do your work. Behind ZAOKRET are the same people organizing KIŠOBRAN parties and the PIKNIK that you can attend this Sunday at the Kalemegdan Lower Town (17 July).

Just by the ZAOKRET, you can find the LIFT bar – immediately recognizable due to its characteristic (elevator) door. You are coming to the LIFT to play pool or darts and have a beer with your buddies. Next to the LIFT is POLET, a crossover between a bar and a club. POLET commonly organizes literary soirees, poetry nights, book promotions, round-tables, and conferences spontaneously turned into parties as the night grows old. Cetinjska is also home to DIM, a hugely exciting venue where you can hear sets by the hottest Serbian and international DJs from afternoon hours to deep into the night.

ELEKTROPIONIR is the adjacent club specializing in concerts. What you can also find here are some pizza and burger joints. Cetinjska is an ideal place to meet the city’s alternative art scene.

The KULA Gallery/Art Hub is located in the tower that once belonged to the brewery. This prominent exhibition space has the hottest art program combining domestic and regional art scenes. In July, Kula hosts a witty exhibition by Miloš Ćosović Desko. The exhibition entitled Vacation Can Start involves handmade drawings of all formats, dealing with the topic and concept of holiday and rest. The exhibition closes on 17 July. From 18 August to 4 September, Kula would host the Creative Commons exhibition, curated by Katarina Kostadinović. We recommend that you visit these exhibitions. In fact, we wholeheartedly recommend that you follow the Kula gallery’s program regularly.

The entire Cetinjska district works as an underground oasis and shelter for the art crowd and their friends. All cafes and bars appear chill and unpretentious from the outside and draw in similar people. When in Belgrade, make sure you don’t miss visiting Cetinjska, as this is the location that you might easily fall in love with.

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