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If you happen to be in Belgrade during the summer, this city won’t disappoint you. Belgrade offers a variety of outdoor activities, especially on the rivers. But also, Belgrade is famous for its diverse cultural program, both mainstream and alternative. We suggest you enjoy one calm evening in the open-air cinema.

We selected a couple of open-air cinemas in Belgrade:


Art Cinema Kolarac - for the third summer in a row, Kolarac organizes its summer cinema on the terrace, the true hidden gem in the city center. The program of the Kolarac Cinema mainly focuses on the best selection of European films from the new production. On their program, you can also find the best pick of the projections from the FEST, an international film festival organized yearly at the beginning of March in Belgrade. 


The open-air cinema at Sava Promenade is the newest open-air cinema in Belgrade. Located near the Sava river, this cinema shows blockbusters and classics every Friday and Saturday until August 27th. All the projections start at 9:30 PM and are free of charge.

The program from the second week of July until the end of August  is:

July 15th - Inception

July 16th - Django Unchained

July 22th - Alien: Covenant (Premiere 1979)

July 23th - Bohemian Rhapsody

July 29th – Casablanca (Premiere 1942)

July 30th - Murder on the Orient Express

August 5th - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

August 6th - The Wizard of Oz (Premiere 1939)

August 12th - The Great Gatsby

August 13th- The Da Vinci code

August 19th - Maleficent

August 20th - Borat

August 26th- Troy

August 27th- Avengers: Endgame


New Theatre Zvezda is one of the world's oldest cinemas, built-in 1903. Today is protected as cultural heritage.

Seized by young artists and the public in the winter of 2014. Zvezda is located in the center of Belgrade, at Terazije 40, and offers a casual experience of watching movies outdoors.

In the next couple of days, Zvezda is showing:

July 12th - Scent of a Woman (1992), a humanitarian projection of the famous movie

July 13th - The Room (2003)

July 14th - Ivan’s Childhood (1962)

July 15th - White Zombie (1932)

July 16th - Four Lions (2010)

July 17th -  Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

All projections start at 9 PM.


Catch 22 is an alternative art space created to boost a community of young artists and authors. During the summer, Catch 22 also organizes movie nights, and the next one showing is the French crime black and white movie, Elevator to the Gallows (1958) this Thursday (July 14th) at ) 9 PM.

For additional relevant information, visit our Belgrade Insights page.



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