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The summer is arriving in the city, in nature, and among people… The summer would open up numerous new possibilities for where to go and what to do during weekends. This time, these questions have but one right answer, as there is this one event which involves all types of entertainment – lazing about on the grass, music and social mingling, drinks and food. This event and an always welcome opportunity for enjoyment is PICNIC

On Sunday, 19 June, at noon, in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, the new Picnicking season organized by Kišobran is about to begin. 

Kišobran (which in Serbian means umbrella) is the crew famous for their fantastic parties that, for five years now, under the slogan “Let’s take the city to nature” has been organizing summer outings in Belgrade’s parks in museums. Here’s the idea: you attend this Picnic, and the confirmed yoga session is already underway, together with different workshops for children. This time you will even get 50% discount on the ticket for Erwin Wurm’s exhibition currently displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art, that we have already written about. In case you haven’t visited this exhibition of the Austrian artist yet, maybe now is the right opportunity to do so. The Picnic will include the best soundtrack for your enjoyment in nature, provided by DJ Spacewalker and DJ Igor Jadranin, while Zaokret and Burger House will supply drinks and food. You literally just need to get there. Your attendance at this event is entirely free of charge. You just bring your pets or friends or kids or colleagues, or all of them together, bring a blanket and sunscreen, a ball, Frisbee, kite… It’s always a blast!  

Kisobran is an organization which promotes independent culture and art, organizes parties, concerts, exhibitions, movie nights, theatrical performances, workshops, courses and similar cultural events. This crew always strives to achieve their primary goal: to gather enthusiasts of different affinities under one gigantic umbrella. You should follow them, since they always do great stuff.  

The Picnic will last for nine hours, and the address is Usce 10, Block 15, the lawn in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. 

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