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This year's May Month of Mathematics event connects math and gaming. Programming, creating stories, researching mathematics, collaborating, appreciating different knowledge, and dealing with prejudices about mathematics are the most important lessons we learn through designing and playing these games.

The program is taking place at several locations in Belgrade, including the Gallery of Science and Technology of SANU, Silosi Belgrade, Mathematical Gymnasium and also throughout Serbia through the cooperation of primary and secondary school teachers and a network of science clubs.

May Month of Mathematics at Silosi Belgrade

May month of Mathematics at Silosi Belgrade

The topics of the eleventh May month of mathematics are mathematics and gaming and is represented through various formats: interactive exhibitions, mathematics and drama workshops, exhibits, EduGaming competition and lectures.

Two exhibitions are open to the public in Silosi Belgrade, where the history of video games through science and education can be seen through mathematical glasses, and a special place is dedicated to the stages of video game creation through narrative, design, and character creation and programming.

Through the 'Makers Lab' program, high school students from all over Serbia will have the opportunity to combine mathematics, art and mastering. The key task is to connect numbers and formulas with knowledge in the field of game design.

This year's event lasts until May 31 and is organized by the Center for the Promotion of Science, Mathematical Institute SANU and Nordeus Foundation.

The Center for the Promotion of Science’s mission is to bridge the gap between science and society by bringing together all relevant actors and the general public in the research and innovation process.

Nordeus foundation together with partnering organizations, aims to support building an educational environment for children that encourages curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

May month of Mathematics at Silosi Belgrade

May month of Mathematics at Silosi Belgrade

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