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Global interest in cryptocurrencies has visibly grown over the past years. It is a hot topic, not only among investors, geeks or crypto enthusiasts, but also among people from various spheres and domains. 

This weekend Belgrade was the center of the crypto universe with inspiring guests and the program of the Tomorrow Conference - focusing on all topics regarding the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including mining, investing and more.

Tomorrow Conference in Belgrade

In the packed hall of the Belexpo Center, attendees were able to hear from more than a hundred speakers about new trends in the field of DeFi, DAOs and Web3. The program of the TOMORROW conference included almost 100 speakers, 7 exclusive panels and more than 50 presentations. The conference brought together leading blockchain companies and influential experts who presented various aspects related to the transformation and change of existing structures.

There was great interest in the lecture of Craig Sellers, the founder of the cryptocurrency Tether

Apart from crypto, this conference covered two other popular topics - NFT and METAVERSE.

The new planetary trend of NFT conquered the world at high speed, and the conference provided an insight into art collections and creators of the most recognizable NFT projects.

Belgian investor and blockchain expert Bruno Ver pointed out that cryptocurrency and NFT are the future because the value of money is declining. Ver is the co-founder and CEO of NIFTIFY, the world's leading company in NFT.

At the same time, Metaverse represents the latest phase in the development of the Internet. The new emerging 3D virtual world creates new possibilities when it comes to entertainment, communication or shopping.

Tomorrow Conference in Belgrade

For the first time in Europe, and only for the second time in the world, the panel on this topic led by Vitomir Jevremović from All-art was held at Metaverse. Panelists from all over the world appeared on the scene as avatars in cyberspace, and speakers wore VR headphones. The current topic of NFT was also discussed, while visitors could watch it on LED screens in real-time.

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